proud maphilindo edition

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Tarawih edition retard

Malaysia, indonesia and phillipine should become 1 nation imo

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>Tarawih edition retard

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My dream is one day Indonesia will be a Christian country and Australia will be a Muslim country.

It is sunnah, duh

setahun hanya sekali, mungkin tidak akan bertemu tarawih yang seterusnya

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All of you muzzie in here pretend to be religious, in fact i bet all of you goatfuckers do fasting just because your parents command

nice jaws

pengen ngentot gan

But then how would ASEAN work without being dominated by Maphilindo.

>Malaysia and Indonesia had AFA
>Philippines didn't get AFA
>Malaysia and Indonesia don't have AFA anymore
What did they mean by this?

Just cheated on my girlfriend with pic related.
Didn't feel good. The sex was great, but the feeling of emptyness after we finished and the guilt is killing me.
Wat do

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>implying it isn't Singapore which is the most powerful in ASEAN
>implying we aren't all US-Chinese puppets in the end

suck a guys cock to neutralise the guilt feels. try it first and don't forget to exclaim no homo.

i hate asean

Does ASEAN hate AFA? Considering AFA MY/ID/TH are all dead now.

Just look at what happened in Sarawak where a girl decided to suicide after instagram poll. People actually voted that girl to kill herself during ramadhan. Like what the fuck.
>in b4 it was just a prank bro

Fking tranny not everything has to be about sucking cock

>Konomi Suzuki attended AFA Indonesia 2018
>AFA Indonesia was discontinued after 2018

>Konomi Suzuki attended Penang Anime Matsuri 2018
>PAM 2019 got postponed to 2020

>Konomi Suzuki attended Asia Comic Con Thailand 2018
>No news at all if ACC 2019 will even happen, their Facebook page has no event-related updates in almost a year

What did she mean by this?

But we love you Wei,Hong!

if someone actually commited to do fasting, they wouldn't go to Jow Forums in the first place, dumbass


t. neverhadagfsincebirth

always rate

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shut up loser

jesus christ she has a hot body
how did you come in contact with this semen demon?

>he doesn't know
why do you think SEAgooks are called LBFM?

High class bars. I knew the owner so I get to act like somebody there.

Ban me mods I need to be exiled

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Stop living in sin and marry your girlfriend.

well user if you're cheating on your gf maybe its time to break up?

telling her will absolutely break her heart, so maybe she doesn't need to know. just let her down gently.

thinking of her feelings here.

Have a better wallet you incel

that's literally as good a body an asian can have
i'm really really jealous

could I bang someone this hot if I went to the philippines? i'm 6'1 and blonde, but also pretty ugly/no jaw/autistic

you can, for free
just check for stds after

>he didn't fast for ramadhan

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confess or repent to Jesus and become monk/ submit your life to Allah and perform Jihad for an independent Bangsamoro

> pretty ugly/no jaw/autistic
None of those matter, if you're rich.


I live here, i'm handsome but a little overweight, 6'11. and girls here really like me. t. half german/half spanish.

Commit Seppuku

another thread, another larping fag

woops, 5'11 lmao

>no jaw
mew and chew you faggot. Actually gave me some jaw gains
nobody cares as long as you give WAN DARRA SUCKY SUCKY
although with the culture shock and the noise, you might enter fetal position within 5min

like clockwork

Go to the Phillipines as a sex tourist y/n??

if you are white why dont you go to Japan and South Korea instead?

yes, dubs


Are the women there as hot?

ahhsiappp tarawih gan

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n if you will unironically pay.

>able to get pussy in gookland/nipland

comfy mountain people song

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gooks and japs are autistic too.
depends on you.

Go here for the beach instead. There's more to this country than women.

not gonna deny that, but you need better social skills if you wanna fug them. Not that they are particularly hard considering my incel friends got laid there but okay looking slant eyes when we went there 2 years ago

>Go here for the beach instead. There's more to this country than women.

Yes theres also anime. Go kys weeb

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based and redpilled
have some dignity and save your Autism Bux for a multi-month travel through the country from North to South, explore the stunning landscape, meet probably the friendliest people on the globe, try out lot's of exotic food and probably lose your virginity on the way to some decent looking local traveler(for free). 10/10 would do again

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#doneTarawih #doneMoreh #doneTadarusQuran

Cosplay Mania is niche here though, pretty sure most weebs here haven't even heard about it. And most weebs here are more of the Naruto/DBZ-liking types anyway instead of the otaku stuff.

Why is Thailand better than every other ASEAN country except Singapore?

moreh apa? kat masjid shah alam bubur jagung dgn popia je. dah la ramai yg beratur.

Jollibee more like Jollibeekoy

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you maintained inclusive growth through being one of the first industrialized countries in SEA and also has a massive tourism sector and prosperous agricultural sector
Unironically Thailand has lower international poverty rate than Malaysia
Buddha bless you and keep on your good work

thailand is better than singapore
singapore is just a cultureless muttland that happens to be rich

cendol, bubur pedas, kuih muih xtau name. tapi sedap la.

If I recall correctly, it had something to do with land reform and semi-protectionist policies that allowed for free trades while at the same time protecting local manufacturers.

May Buddha give you good fortune!

How related are we?

When I was there earlier this year, people were mostly bragging about how rich and successful they are, while also lamenting that they were barely getting any babies. Are Singaporeans really like this?

It was also because we were too advanced to be colonized. Like the Japanese, Europeans viewed Thailand as civilized people. We could have been colonized by an alternate European power besides the bongs and frogs, but we were respected as equals. Due to our diplomatic skills. If there was no colonization, all of south-east asia would have been under siamese rule.

we do have many babies but we shouldnt have more
the island is already so overpopulated

Singaporean and Malay Chinese should move to Thailand, and leave the Malays and Indians to their poverty

>we equals as jap
kek. how much brainwashed one can be.

well France and UK could crush any non-european nation if they really wanted, but indeed your Kingdom maintained diplomatic skills which is far more crucial than military might and primary reason why you were never clonized
>If there was no colonization, all of south-east asia would have been under siamese rule.
I'd assume Melakka and whatever Javanese empire would exist. Probably Sulu and Brunei too.
But I'd be happy to see Siam BTFO the Annamites and squat on their territory while dabbing

What bar is this?

Not just direct control. but influence and puppet states. Siam would conquer the Indochina region and created puppet states out of the Austronesians.

You're not Chinks. You're Chinks mixed with niggers

hahahah I can't beleive thai people unironically believe this.

the europeans considered you guys subhumans, like they did the Chinese who they colonized inspite of their civilization.

they didn't colonize thailand because they decided that it should be a buffer zone.

the thai king though, I will give him this, was smart. he realized that if he made his country more like the europeans, it would be harder for them to justify invasion, so he basically tried to be like europe in order to avoid it so he centralized the government and tried his best to make it modernized.

Thailand has been sucking the west's dick ever since.

Muh dik was diamonds since everyone on my kikebook was seething

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Well yes, but often other ASEAN points out we were only used as a buffer state. We played both powers. But, what I meant is that another European power could have set up colonies in our area. But they respected the siamese too much.

>dumbass not knowing his own history
You were only left alone because the Brits and Frenchmen needed a buffer zone between their colonies, you even changed your name from Siam to Thailand because you literally lost all your conquests

I thought only Germans didn't get joke

Sucking the west's dick, please tell me more about how you follow a western religion.

didn't say we didn't

Any answer yet from the admin or comelec?

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honestly just hilarious that you guys think that they actually respected and thought of you as equals. get a grip.

No, I am saying you got cucked hard. You adopted a western religion, got colonized twice. Then a lot of you wanted to become a state of the US. So how deep does the western penis slide down your orfice?


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if Thailand is so great then why millions of Thai women end working as prostitutes in order to escape poverty and hunger?

Well it was worth it we were the richest country in Asia under Spain.


Bangkok was often called Venice of the east, a very beautiful city in Italy. Seems like they did consider us eqauls.

you avoided this fate by

1) centralizing leadership to dissuade colonial power

2) an advantageous position between british and french colonies

your king was good and spared you the fate of others around the world.

it wasn't so much adopted as completely forced, literally hundreds of thousands died trying to stop the Spanish, and it completely stunted our development.

I agree the philippines is by far the most cucked nation in asia, but its not like we didn't try to not be that way.

it was our karma to get messed up like this.

but, bro, whitey didn't think you were his brother lmao

Can you just shut up and not shit up this thread with politics for one day.

You cunts misheard it. It was the penis of the east not the Venice of the east

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being impressed by something doesn't imply they thought you guys were on the same level as them.

you realize the conquistadors in mexico were similarly impressed with the cities of the aztecs, etc?

10. Thailand: 45 sex workers per 10,000
8. Malaysia: 52 sex workers per 10,000
4. Philippines: 85 sex workers per 10,000
3. Peru: 102 sex workers per 10,000

I mean we are top ten, but not the worst.

>Bangkok was often called Venice of the east

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