Latin script Slavic languages

>Latin script Slavic languages

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Latin is superior, and you know it

Civilized, white and westernized Slavs use latin
Uncivilized undeveloped mongoloid slavoids use cyrillic

i always wanted to know, what does cyrillic cursive look like, and how difficult is it to learn

Cucked slavs use latin
Glorious slavs use cyrillic

He is subhuman non-russian loser

I feel like Latin wouldn't work for russian because of hard and soft sounds

I've seen examples of it, it's a string of latin lower case L's of various size

I translated your sentence to russian in both cyrillic and latin script.
The main reason why it wouldn't fit is these, as you have already mentioned, two signs - ь and ъ.
Пoдхoдить / Podhodit'
Пoдъeзд / Pod?ezd

>Ya dumayu, chto latinitsa ne podhodit dlya russkogo yazyka iz-za tverdyh i myagkih zvukov
>Я дyмaю, чтo лaтиницa нe пoдхoдит для pyccкoгo языкa из-зa твepдых и мягких звyкoв

What do you think? I think the latin one is pretty retarded looking

>tfw slavic script latin language

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Latvian does it pretty well with palatalization diacritics
It's not an issue if the people in charge of making your alphabet are not rarted

This applies to germanic languages as well. At least slavs still have one catered just for them

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>latin script germanic languages

>Latin script Uralic languages.

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The thing that needs to come back is country-specific fonts.

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in effect, Italy

>t. raul gonzales

There is a latin script for russian.
Actually, soviets had plans to latinaze russian

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Č, Š, Ž are real letters. The sooner you greekoids start dealing with it, the easier it'll be for you to accept that Slavic language are in fact perfectly suited to writing in the latin script.


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"Пpивeт" in cursive

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How’s that pronouned? /prinjet/?

Privet with hard p and t

privyet (y like j in ur language). Ah, I'll just record it, wait a second

Ye as in yes

Now this is based

Looks like someone voiced an opinion about Russia

I think Slavic languages are cancerous and you should start using vowels.

hispanics are a bastardized form of a bastardized latin

do not want

Polish doesn't represent Latin slavic


why the fuck my post was deleted lol?

Latin script + Slavic language = cuckold

There are already enough vowels in russian and every word is partitioned into syllables with a vowel in them.
Ka-ban, ka-ba-chki, kom-bi-nat, pe-chka, ho-chyu, ya-ma, ta-bun, do-ro-ga, ka-bi-na, ka-ssa, so-ba-ka, etc.

your english accent is nice

Пoтoмy чтo ты живoтнoe, вoт пoчeмy.

you angered artem the russian janny

Transnistria still uses cyrillic script

hey janny-pidor, it's not OK to delete posts even if they don't match your political views