Edition: peng ting

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got a smaller than average willy that needs rubbing by a girl

Not funny, this is a serious issue amongst my people

I’m massive I reckonize I could take any lad on /brit/ 2bqh

might have a znoose

Should probably change clothes I reckon

Ya mam says you couldn't finish your dinner let alone a lad on /brit/

any of you know any girls that might service my penis if i ask

imagine being some neolithic fisherman and running into a whale in your tiny leather boat.

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Just consolidated all my islands into one easy to remember name.

The police xD

111 since I am in no immediate danger

Reckon a friend of mine has somehow become more immature with age, very tiresome

Try twitter.com/cuteosphere or dragondicks.tumblr.com la

based and responisblepilled


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what the fuck doug

>slight belly


Irish people aren't white

Don’t think I would mention it to anyone tbqh

the lads!!!!!!

mate that's not 'slight'

Can’t imagine that happened too often lad, wouldn’t be going that far off shore in a leather boat

mum's being unnecessarily angry to customer service people on the phone

The local Italian restaurant, informing them that their Oregano delivery has reached the wrong address

reckon neither of those are females

Just go behind her and start grinding her with your erect cock and touching her muff

4 strength 4 stam leather boat

they drew pictures of whales so some must have seen them up close

so wacky .....

Sitting in the sun in the garden getting drunk when I start work in half an hour

Oh dear oh dear toilberg will not be pleased

That person is leftypol distilled

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You're a functioning alcoholic


I've drawn pictures of your mum's phaj

Fucking our mothers is a proud Anglo tradition

Bela Lugosi...s Dead...

im looking for a girl to fondle my genitals

the more you know

Think I would be more scared of the mamoths tbf

Hello lads

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done then?

Got dared to huff some petrol and regret it immensely

business idea: calll really hairy cunts "mamuffs"

Off to Preston this weekend to visit some mates, the sun might actually make that shithole look nice for a change

Congratulations, you're an honorary Abo and have hereby relinquished your status as a white person

your mum

Alright de lad?

I’m aware of that

going to plow this welsh whore with my massive anglo cock

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stupidest thing? when i first went on Jow Forums

became addicted to World of Warcraft

did a poo poo and didn't wipe properly

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got dared to kiss the elephant's foot

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She's some freak in her 40s who has a girlfriend with a penis. Known to sic her tranny gang on folk over stupid shit involving cartoon characters. Think it might have cumulated in a suicide attempt at one point.

baffled why they need to include their life story there
don't think anyone really cares, yeh?


Ran back to my ex after she cheated

Sucked a nigger

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toilberg more like cringeberg

Being driven to work this week and have been tempted to out vodka in my water bottle

idea: /brit/ pools our money together and buys him as a slave

I used to do that in 6th form

*cracks knuckles*
*begins waving my wand*
Zippity ZUM Zippity ZEE
The post after ME
Will be DUBS, let's go SEE

wont your breath smell of booze

Just seen some pics of the gf when she was 16, feel like I got the raw end of this deal.

back to retirement

delete this

You only have to worry about that if you're a teacher

Broke up with my ex of 4 years because I felt like I was missing out on playing the field, now realise I’ll probably never get a girl like her again

close Number Wizard, very close

Wet and messy fetish, also known as sploshing, is a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when copious amounts of a substance are applied to the naked skin, face, or to clothing

gf is 30 and sent me one last week of 'her when she was 17' to show me. spaff harder to it wanking than any sex i've ever had with her

Going to measure my willy lads. Taking bets.

You'll get there one day champ x

She definitely got the raw end of my deal

Clicked a link in an email

Fuck me you boring cunt I shouldn't have asked

going sploshing

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Isolated myself as a teenager. Stunted my social development in a big way.


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have never smoke mariwana

Mmm interesting. Been with my gf 3 years now and starting to feel like that

Do i need to wear any wellies?

Don't know what these ones stand for


Seriously doubt she's 6'10, maybe a typo and it's actually 6'1

very silly of you lad

Scarily similar situation.

>adult baby minding

she does disabled clients so you're good

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pooey theroux


Not missing out