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What is the ideal female height? 170cm

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under 5ft

6 feet under

Extremely based.

165, exactly 20 cm lower than me, mouth perfectly aligned with cock when bowed down.

That’s hot too


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140 cm

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literally pedo tier desu



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About this

Around 140cm.


11 is the ideal female age

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based and redpilled

About 190cm

find the biggest one you can, don't risk having manlet children

195, exactly 20 cm taller than me, milkers perfectly aligned with face when bowed down.

I'm 186cm so something around this number.

smol is better


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she's 149.9, don't underestimate her.

Of course, the Muslim wants an 11-year-old.

Anything between 140cm and 190cm


If you don't like little girls you're either a faget or mentally ill.

180 cm, 10 cms less than me so she can still wear heels.


Or you want your sons to conquer the world.

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Tall fetish fag here.

Anything 174cm and above. And I mean she could be circus tall I dont give a fuck. Like even 195+ the taller the better.

i like tall girls, my ex was 182cm.

I don't even care. Would be fine with anything from dwarfism to WNBA player. Just don't be too wide.

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okay maybe not

i like wide girls too

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>190cm thai

laughed out loud at that. thanks user, very lol.

conquerors all over the world loves dem pussy young, their sons need to have young mother because conquerors need to breed a lot of sons

must be hard to find girls to your liking especially in Japan

Google Fukuyoshi marina

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she framemogs me into oblivion

Anything under 175 is too short.

how many of those exist? need one

Only accepted answer

marina Fukuyoshi desu

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average nip girls aren't that tall though.

6'3 or higher

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Some are tall.
Kumai Yurina chan

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kumaicho !

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My Japanese gf is actually 5'10, so in like 99th percentile but still not as tall as I would like 6'0+ would be ideal. But obviously I like my gf, no complaints.


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I don't like tall women because they will make my small dick look even smaller

I dated a tall woman for a few years and my small dick worked out fine. She was a major perv with pedo tendencies though.



Based and blackpilled

150cm 40-45kg

Higher than me. I'm 165cm.


>anything from dwarfism

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staceys ONLY


Can't believe I'm agreeing with a Frenchman but basically this for the same reason
I think there are even studies that show women want a bf 20 cm taller than them

any female under 190cm should be chemically castrated

Tall and strong, at least 20cm taller than me, in fact something super tall like 175cm.