1. ur cunt

1. ur cunt
2. u have CARPET or WOOD floors?
I'm a civilised person so wood ofc.

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mosaic pavement i'm not in third world

>Not tile or concrete

>mosaic pavement

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hardwood with a throwdown persian rug is the only real civilized choice

I live in a quarry

In America it's a sign of poverty if you don't have a paved four-lane disability scooter highway in and around your McMansion.

In my country all houses and apartments have this soulless white tiles.

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Looks exactly like my kitchen desu

Wood > Carpet > Tile
Let it be known.

1. Spurdoland
2. Wood or tile for rich people, plastic carpet for poor people

Can we at least all agree that carpet is fucking disgusting?

terracotta is good though.

Linoleum masterrace

we use those in bathrooms and kitchens, most houses have wood floors

Marble floors

the fuck are you even talking about

I'm looking for an apartment but everything has carpet and it looks like absolute shit. Hardwood all the way.

Wood. Carpet is disgusting.

hard wood in every room but one.

I have ceramic tiles, hole on the roof is cuz the fireplace is having maintenance

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Carpet in bedrooms. Hardwood in livingroom, dining, and hallways, tile in kitchen and bathrooms. Pretty standard I feel

still bitter that America had to fix their commie problem.

Carpet in most rooms except for the kitchen, living room and bathrooms.

wood. i don't know why everyone is shitting on carpet itt, it's superior

Civilized people sure likes to live surrounded by flammable material


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>i'm not in third world
All the houses in Mexico have mosaic floors. Wood floor is only for soy lofts

tile like a nor retarded person
>having porous floors