What colour is the air in your country?

What colour is the air in your country?

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gloomy and homely

Sephia is a good filter.
Fuck off, Mexcrement

tell me

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I really only saw this in breaking bad

>fading crosswalk
>uneven asphalt
I thought Sweden was hyper-developed?


foggy and misty

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Is this cannabis smoke?

Big country, small population.
Norway is like 5x richer than the rest of us, combined, but their infrastructure suck ass

It's moody cinematic lighting

Korea, particularly on the Yellow Sea, can actually look sorta' yellow and sepia tone some of the year, I think because of dust blowing in from the Gobi or something.

cannabis cultivation emits only a lot of carbon dioxide

We currently builing the longest underwater tunnel and soon the longest bridge in the world so stfu dane fag

>norwegians can't even build a tunnel without sinking it

Then what about the rest of your country?
Your roads give people sore eyes

They can't even build a bridge

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Rural villages don't deserve better roads than this.

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inferior nordic countries jealous of the best nordic country aka norway

I love marshes. Do you have many natural ones left?

Sepia filter for Mexico is very common actually

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mexico has highrises?

Uhm? Yes

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Slight blue?
I know Switzerland receives a different color grading for similar scenes

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Its always about criminals who run international organized crime from apparently abandonned communist era warehouse in Eastern Europe instead of presidental mansions LMAO

We also suffer from sepia filters, sometimes blue and green ones too

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so they put your flag hues over the movie? kek

The filter thing is because they film this drug and cartel films in the same locations in California, filming in Mexico is pointless because it looks exactly the same

>I love marshes

what an utterly amerifat thing to say

for real though mexico is a smoggy toilet that nobody wants to actually live in. It's like old LA where just being outside would cause soot to cake up on your skin, it is gross and is why mexicans are percived as greasy because over time it turns into grease when mixed with sweat.


Nah, it's quite common. 'Traffic' a drug cartel episode movie starring Michael Douglas introduced the look in order to distinguish between the different episodes /narrative layers. The movie is mediocre and the color filters look shit imo, I thought my tv was v
broken. The Mexican one somehow stuck.

That's so accurate.


This looks like it could be a random street in Bucharest

These look so shitty, what are they thinking? Why put this piss yellow filter on everything?

Because mexico is hot and smoggy. The wind there is not cool like it is in europe, the wind is warm. So if you open up a window to let air in it has the same affect as an air fryer. Los Angeles, Bakersfield and San Jose all suffer from this problem too. And see , the soot from the constant coal burning and leaded diesel use cakes up on everything into a sort of grease.

I get the idea but I am not a fan of that kind of color effects. In Sicario and esp. Traffic it's just too much: color filter changes from yellow to blue to red iirc every 5 minutes or so. In matrix the green filter for the virtual reality worked because it wasn't that extreme, just a tint.

Whole of europe is blue

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then go to mexico and check out the smog, it actually does taint everything yellow because it fucks up the sunlight. Same for LA, before California banned leaded gas.

europe has water and snow

Yes, I don't argue with you about this. I am sure you're right. But, seriously, is it as yellow as in Mexico as the examples in the thread?

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it's actually the main avenue in our second largest city

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grey boys


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Traffic is the most egregious version of this, literally switches from sepia to blue depending on whether the scene is in Mexico or the US


literally any picture taken inside this country is instantly recognisable as the UK because it ALWAYS has that miserable overcasty look to it

i like it though

Yes, Holland is full of them

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im impressed

>let me tell you about your country

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The american stupidity never ceases to amaze me

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hecho en mexico, puta

I have dual citizenship and pay no taxes. Suck my cock.


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everything is bright and colorful just like Pocahontas showed

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comfy mämmipunk

Oh I totally believe you retard

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I wish it was