Go to Ireland

>go to Ireland
>Urinals have this ledge thing that forces me to stand behind the urinal
>penis is in plain sight for everyone to see

Honestly, I didn't mind. I don't care if people see my dick, it is really small when flaccid but it's nice otherwise.

Here in the US, urinals are usually wall mounted like pic related, which has the drawback of splashing pee back on me sometimes. The urinals usually don't have dividers, so sometimes you'll walk into a bathroom and see a row of dicks peeing.

What are urinals like in your country?

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oh and the first time I used one of those I was at a restaurant.
I didn't know if I was supposed to stand on the ledge or not, so I didn't.
I had to go really badly so I just took a huge piss, and some people walked in and I was very nervous because I wasn't sure if I was doing it the right way.

these aren't super common in the US, but some places do have them. My friend's mom runs a bar and they have one.

I'll hang out over there while they're setting up, and sometimes she walks in while I'm using it (and she's a MILF)

forgot pic

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I honestly don't even mind if creepy guys look at my dick while I'm peeing, I'm proud of my dick. Unfortunately though, it is a full blown grower. It is 1.5 inches soft and 7.5 inches hard

Most people hate using these because your penis is in plain sight and you awkwardly have to avoid looking at other dicks.

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I never use urinals. I don't see how they're any improvement over ordinary toilets.

because it makes the process quicker, and you can fit more of them in a bathroom. That's why women's bathroom lines are so long at clubs/concerts.

I wish NYC had public urinals, because there are times where I'm forced to piss outside because it's late at night and nothing is open.

Do you have outdoor urinals in your cunt?

i once peed in some guys backyard

that's gay bro

Do you ever pee in front of your mom?

for a homeless man everything is an urinary

Those aren't common in Ecuador?
And if you're not gay, why would be worried about seeing dicks in the corner of your eye?

Imagine being so insecure lmao

They also save water

I don't like my mom seeing my dick because im a grower not a shower
if I had more flaccid mass i would not care

I'm personally not insecure at all. I was peeing at a college party one time and some guy told me "you have a magnificent penis", I don't know if he was serious or not but it didn't really bother me.


same here lmao
I'm 1.5 inches flaccid, almost 8 hard

When I got surgery on my neck, I was really fucked up for a few days and couldn't pee by myself. My mom pulled back my foreskin and aimed my dick into the little urine collector thing, it was still hard to go though because I was so fucked up.

I get embarrassed thinking about that only because my mom saw my tiny flaccid dick, but of course I'm not going to tell my mom that I'm a grower.

I don't know if he was telling the truth. I have an aesthetic peen, but it's so small flaccid.

>Those aren't common in Ecuador?
I have never seen such an abomination here, actually I only saw this kind of urinary once in germany and first though it was a lgbt meeting. By the way, props for recognizing my countries flag, usually they think im from Venezuela or Colombia.
>And if you're not gay, why would be worried about seeing dicks in the corner of your eye?
N-no nya… I don't like ochinchin desu

I personally don't give a shit, if I'm drunk and need to pee, I'll go anywhere it's socially acceptable.

And my mom is Ecuadorian

He just wanted the dick user.

How do I know he wasn't making fun of my small dick?

does Amsterdam still have pissoirs?

Does anyone else unironically not use urinals because they have an embarrassingly small penis

mine is very small but I've never had a problem using urinals. I just pull my dick out, piss, squeeze, shake, and keep it moving

since your Irish, I must ask. Are you supposed to stand on those urinal ledges?

Penis' are gross.

No they're not. I'm not gay but I don't think there's anything gross about them. It's just a little knob that squirts out urine

Vaginas objectively look much worse than penises.

they both look really good actually.

I can't aim for shit (for some reason the urine always exits my bepis with a extremely weird and non-uniform velocity components), urinals always have the risk of splashing, and finally urinals don't have toilet paper to ensure that your bepis is completely free of urine (which can be important if you're wearing beige pants). For all of these reasons I always just use the stalls.

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My dick is so small I can't use a urinal. I have to go to a stall, drop trow, and lean way over to piss int he toilet. Fuck you, you big dick motherfuckers. Something happened to me growing up, my dick didn't grow.

I wiped my dick after peeing when I was a kid, but now I just squeeze it and that gets all the pee out.
Urinals splashing is annoying though, that happens a lot of it's one of those high mounted ones.

That makes no sense. I peed in urinals back when I was 9, and my dick was micro back then.

Do you have hypospadias by any chance? That's the condition where your peehole isn't properly formed, so pee doesn't come out in a normal stream

I think I might have a narrow urethra; whenever I pee or cum it takes for fucking ever (and a hell of a lot of squeezing/wiping) to get it all out.

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so do you have extendo-cumshots?
are you uncut or cut?

>A penis with hypospadias usually has a characteristic appearance. Not only is the meatus (urinary opening) lower than usual, but the foreskin is also often only partially developed, lacking the usual amount that would cover the glans on the underside, causing the glans to have a hooded appearance.
I don't think so, my meatus is at a normal height I think, and if anything my foreskin is overabundant. However, the "your peehole isn't properly formed, so pee doesn't come out in a normal stream" part is certainly very applicable; often I'll even have two seemingly independant streams.

yeah so it might be a different peehole issue.
so you're saying if you pee in a urinal, it sprays everywhere?

Not always, but often yes. But urinals are typically wide enough and at a short enough distance for it not to be too much of a problem (except for the splashing), the big problem is with toilets when I pee standing up. Sometimes I succeed but very often there'll be some missing involved, which I why I pretty much always sit down now.

No, and I'm uncut.

My stream comes out like a laser and I still have problems with urinal splashing. Cuz my dick is basically right above the basin of the urinal.
If you were a cutfag, I would assume that the problem you have is something called meatal stenosis, which is a problem where your peehole is too narrow.


>he looks at people's dicks when using the bathroom

I don't. I respect other people's privacy. If people want to look at my dick or nice stream, that's fine though.

I fucking hate urinals. There’s always that one asshole who is a piece of shit and decides to LOOK AT MY DICK and comment on it. Like dude fuck off, seriously. Never used urinals again after some guy slapped my ass in college when I decided to give it another go.

What comments did you get about your dick?

I’m a grower. Guess.

You should have peed on him

Ive heard Americans talk about dicks at urinals before
Don't you have urinal no homo etiquette? You look directly forward or where you're aiming at all times

I wish female urinals were common. That would be so fucking hot to see a row of pissing pussies

>my dick didn't grow
it's not your fault insectoid, it's your gene's fault


I've seen that kind of urinary in cheap restaurants / public schools

I've never experienced that. We have etiquette too. But I guess some frat boy types do shit like that

When I went to Ecuador, I saw a Brayan pissing on the side of the road. His dick was huge

It seems like it's common for the rural poor to do that?

Ecuador has some of the biggest cocks apparently


Female genitalia are even weirder.

Just piss on a manhole.

Just don't flush the water, people'll keep using it, what the fuck.

>but it's nice otherwise
You need to provide proof

I wish I could

If you aren't staring at other people's dicks in a public toilet you might be gay. Just saying.


Do Ecuadorian girls have good buttholes?

Yes, my gf is Ecuadorian-American and I sniff her butt every night before bed

When going clubbing we just share one of these with 10 people. Bit awkward if you meet an old classmate.

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Aesthetic dutch cocks

Do you guys still have pissoirs?

These? Of course

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