MENA women are best edition

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*african american

desire to live on earths moon. how can i make this happen

lvl 22 now


am posting via my laptop


All hail metal

The dream

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steal a trillion dollars
become a villain
build a lair on the moon
threaten earth occasionally to keep them in check
listen in bliss for eternity, with me at your side :3

Yeah but
Bet it would make me feel like a god though. For a short time anyway.

imagine how great his life must be

tennis is the best sport because kings used to play the older version of it in medieval europe

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The gf

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That's a cartoon. You're mentally ill

I've seen attractive MENA guys as well. Homosexuality is illegal or frowned upon in most countries there though.


Do not trust women



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>MENA women are the worstestest

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You're attracted to drawings

>tfw I'd never convert
I'm never getting one.

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like you'd have a chance with a 10/10 woman of any race, fag

you is gay
not all are religious. some are atheists or agnostic

I want to get a sportbike, like a 1000cc one

I am attracted to cute girls

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Drawn by gooks

/cum/ tierlist:

regular cumposters


ale, fk, urkel


the russian

>you is gay
Nah I just care about my kids
Don't want to have mutts
don't want to deal with muslims, they are unstable

you stupid weeb
why don't you get a black gf?
it's so easy for you

ivans pretty retarded but but hes no way worse than fk or urkel

What makes you think a 10/10 is needed and why are you so salty my friend.

This is the worst power ranking I've ever seen. Ale is clearly the worst poster

BASED edition

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Again, the best one

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he hasn't earned his retard stripes yet, needs at least another month or 2 of shit posts

Why do people speak french in Canada? English is clearly superior to french. Are they too dum to realize that?

>nigger "women"
Not a fan

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I thought you guys only listened to mariachi stuff?

there's like two or three Russians who've been posting lately. at least one of them seems pretty chill.

>18 inch shoulders
>34 inch waist
>39 inch hips
How fucked are my proportions? People have told me my hips are big but I don’t think they are? What is the average male hip size?

why are there so many fucking yuropoors in here tonight?

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Huh? I'm the smartest and most rational person here, bow to me peasants

no its all 1 he just replies to the same post multiple times for some reason

post body. you might be able to pull off a skirt and crop top if you're not fat.

its time to become a trap

ummm go back to Jow Forums tbqh

West coast hours are always homosexually charged

In Quebec they take French-speaking very seriously. They intentionally try to avoid borrowing words from English.

Because there was a shooting
You've never been around blacks
I've been around them my entire life

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the fact that there are based black american women on this website right now is driving me crazy
can you imagine having a gf like that?
fuck me

I'm 6'1"
Waist is 31 1/2"
hips 38"

why would I? I don't like black & MENA women, I don't find them attractive at all.

>women on this website right now
nobody tell him

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There are women on this website right now

have you ever seen a black pussy irl?

That is, your proportions are fucked up beyond repair. You should consider doing something about it

When I was in vegas I was propositioned by 5 different nig hookers. told em all to take a hike tho

that's pretty good too, some mariachi bands can play rock tunes

mtf trannies aren't women
You aren't canadian

No, i am still a bit of a fatty (170 lbs)
Maybe in a few months if I get down to 150 lbs like I want to

Tfw no arabic flags,all w*stren

follow the trap diet

>a bit of a fatty (170 lbs)
OMG, "a bit", YEAH, RIGHT

>Maybe in a few months if I get down to 150 lbs like I want to
You will do nothing but eat more shitty food, you'll gain 10 exttra

You have a trip called bodycel


Not him, but I've seen one. Some students at my school were running across campus naked and a few of them were black girls.

how's your face and skin?

If he had cute face he wouldn't post here

There hasn't been one(1) good psot since I'm/cum/ since its creation

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>running across campus naked and a few of them were black girls.
I'm sorry your parents hated you

I'm want to punch someone

Is it time to start boxing / doing MMA?

not necessarily, keep in mind that he's overweight


Doing a second LGD-4033 cycle because I'm too pussy to order illegal steroids, I feel like hammered shit

i want to find a black hooker soon

I do sudoku puzzles when I get angsty

>I do sudoku puzzles when I get angsty

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what's your height body weight BF
dead lift / squat / bench press 1RM

I do physical exercises

Did you do PCT
Do you control your hormone levels

Is there a worse fate than having kidney stones

>why yes I solve differentials when I get angsty, how could you tell?

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At what age should we move out of our parents home?

I have been consistently losing weight for several months. And yes, 15 lbs overweight is not obese, it’s just fat.
I dunno, my skin is okay I guess if I take care of it correctly. Idk about my face tho, sometimes I think I look alright and other times I hate myself. The other night I had a legit panic attack when I saw myself in the mirror, but the past few days I have thought myself to look average

new german*


being a negro with kidney stones

this bitchs getting lots of attention hope she uses it well

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Yes, being dead

By 25

My mom had them at one point and was bedridden because of it. It's very painful.

Nothing wrong with being a negro

If you're dead you can't have kidney stones

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Actually not even 15 lbs, standard range for 5’7 is 140-160 lbs so I’m only 10 pounds away. 9 actually since I rounded up my weight to 170 from 169 lbs.

>And yes, 15 lbs overweight is not obese, it’s just fat.
It depends on body composition (read body fat percentage)
I used to have sane BF and was classified as fat / obese (but I was lifting heavy and was much younger)

Arby's, stop doing drugs

what's like being a black? i guess it's easy mode.

i wanted to move out ever since i was like 15

>If you're dead you can't have kidney stones
You can be both dead and have the stones