How the fuck do you have a conversation with someone that isn’t a family member or has been your friend since...

how the fuck do you have a conversation with someone that isn’t a family member or has been your friend since elementary school?

I just want a gf I feel so lonely.

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you don't

friendships and relationships are fake after your formative years, if you didn't get engaged to your high school sweetheart then you're fucked and will never find true love, just women who are desperate to settle down before they hit the wall

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bump, i also want to know how to make friends

we are all friends here (:

Will I find a gf that will at least cuddle with me and manipulate me into thinking she cares about me if I made a tinder at my uni?

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maybe, but it will hurt you more in the long run

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yes but here i can call americans niggers without repercussion

Let me know if you find out

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Just walk up and press A

I've accepted that I will never belong amongst other people, not really, no matter how badly I may want it. Yet I lack the conviction to kill myself. I'm thinking about trying to drink myself to death, hopefully if I do it right I'll be too numb to the experience to realize what I'm doing.

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But I just want to feel another humans skin on my own. Why is that so difficult to have?

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this is how it always felt to me, in school it was easy to make real friends since nothing important happened in your life yet anyway, but trying to form actual bonds in your 20s is almost impossible since everyone has already experienced so many different things, and you're just a footnote in their lives at best

Positive thread guys :/

unironically just b urself. i just lean into the fact that i will always be an autism laden off color social pariah. i still have no friends but it's a lot more fun than trying and failing to be a normalfag

thats a good point. but, you have to learn to bond with people too. at any stage in life you can make good friends. you just have to be useful/ have a reason for people to want to be with you. because thats also a part of growing up, not like playing video games all day.

One thing you can try is, whenever you feel like saying one thing about yourself, instead ask a question about that subject and go from there. Try to come up with some witty reply. You can do it user.

I recently and started e dating some French chick, so long as you're not a complete autistic, or are good at hiding it, you can get a girlfriend easily, smooth talking is easy if youre not face to face

This 2bh. I matched with this guy on tinder and he hit me up one night asking if we could cuddle cause he feels lonely af and wanted to cuddle and talk til we fall asleep. I thought it was cute af. So I went to his place and we had drinks then cuddled. But he doesn't live here. And now I sorely miss the feeling and cant do shit

I want an e-bf

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Yeah but women don't exist

I have a handful of female friends

>thinks e-gf’s are real gf’s
>thinks he’ll ever meetup from some hoe in France much less someone outside his state
>thinks I haven’t tried the e-gf meme countless times only to be ghosted after a few months of her saying we’d meet up eventually she just needed to get to know me better

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She got to know you better and probably didn't like it. Just sucks that she led you on I guess


Ok I just want an e-bf stop attacking me

Shut up you're not my mum, gaybo

Hey man, sucks to suck I guess, not my problem you have shit luck, I've already had her over twice, shits going great, what the fuck are you doing about it?

What race are you

probably mutt

Are you a female and would you act differently or at least tell me what you disliked about me before you ghosted me so I could legitimately improve my personality?

Also nice trips

Just install tinder and hookup. I just suddenly decided to unfuck my shit at 23 and it's been pretty successful. Just makes me regret all the time I wasted sitting in my room from 18-23.

>I've accepted that I will never belong amongst other people, not really, no matter how badly I may want it.
Ok good
>Yet I lack the conviction to kill myself.
Why would you want to kill yourself?