America isn’t run by Anglos no more. America is run by the worst people imaginable

America isn’t run by Anglos no more. America is run by the worst people imaginable.

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The only good capitalist is a dead capitalist, doesn’t matter whether they’re Irish, Anglo, Jewish, Greek, or whatever

they probably have jewish handlers. do you think micks are smart enough to operate above an 11th grade level?

Damn Irish Americans are really successful.

average irish america IQ is like 110-115

Kill yourself commie

>come to america because you're too retarded to plant more potatoes
>your progeny become some of the most powerful men in the world
god bless these great united states

God bless Ireland

Look up the greenpill and realize the Irish are the true powerbrokers in the US. The Jews are nothing compared to Sheamus

considering Kentucky more like

now I know whats gonna crash the market this cycle
poor irish scapegoat bastards

now look at hedge funds

>Irish are niggers
I hate white people so godamn much

Wait most of them are not Jews what a surprise :O


Goldman sachs can buy the other banks in that list two times

As a proud irishblood american this brings me tremendous joy

t. Jamie Dimon


well spoken comrade

Looks like we need another potato shoah

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Have you ever rubbed its balls?

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Irish is the 2nd most common ancestry in the US, of course some will hold higher up positions. With Jews it's different because there are fuck all of them but they still hold a disproportionate level of power and have bad intentions

>The Irish don't hold bad intentions

Really makes you think.

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How often have we warned you about the fenian foe and how often have you closed your eyes and listened to the dubliners?

Get this anti semite off this american made website RIGHT THE FUCK NOW


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>anti semite
The picture is pro Jewish you dumb burger.

based and redpilled

The balls are polished which that means people are actually rubbing them...
Fookin hell