Zoomie edition

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Just ate a pack of these ama

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Heh, imagine being a zoomer


aussie wont be happy

Literally me.

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want to physically assault a tranny

got the cheevo lads
now time for bed


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trans rights

You're probably so confused and disgusted that your first reaction is to beat it away

with the lads haha

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i have good instincts

want to sexually assault a tranny

want to be physically assaulted by a slag

Won't be able to post much next week because of the big storm, sorry everyone

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very cool

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get in line

kill yourself

How old are zoomers actually supposed to be?

Zoo ears are 2000-2010

off to the zoo to get some zoo ears


very good post

>tfw was born in the 1900s
>have only another 25 years of my parents living
>no grandparents left

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Is this the chebs thread?

>only another 25 years
plenty of time to enjoy them, worry less about the time left and enjoy the time you still have


can feel my life slipping away

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seek help, please


are 20 year olds zoomers
honestly feel like a boomer at this point

Not gonna lie, former trump supporter here, is funny watch him crash and burn, but in all seriousness we can't let him hold the nuclear codes

die tranny

Went to a mate's house and he offered me his wax pen
Being high is a meme, psychedelics are better

why is she barefoot

google says the most widely-accepted definition for zoomers is post-1996
so i suppose you are
alri zoomy?

Smiles instead of emojis.
Now THAT was a time.

How can something so beautiful and so complex exist naturally?

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It can't.

watching the projared video where he defends himself
the son of a bitch might actually pull it off

can you?

genuinely applying to be janny lads

seriously, for your own sake, talk to a professional

it's not healthy, what you're thinking

the people who act like the popular definition of zoomer are currently


you are the mentally ill one tranny

She is so fucking fit, I want her to peg my cis arse.

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Oh yeah and coke

i have absoultely zero tolerance for faggots
if i see one irl i will fucking beat the shit out of them

>Mulatto beaner / gook

How can something so beautiful and so complex exist naturally? 󠛡

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if a gamer cheats on his wife he comes back stronger

trans rights

do you think they look at your post history when you apply for janny

don't exist

white boys need taking down a peg

Thoughts on the tvrk bvll?

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i'd have cheated on her too
cosplayers are the worst people imaginable

trans rights

I'll peg you if you carry on.

How can there be hundreds of billions of these things?

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don't exist
tranny shit is made up by jews

would be impossible for anyone with a dynamic ip unless they had a pass
and no iirc it says its all anonymous until you do the discord interview to prove you speak english

not a tranny

just can see that you're thinking some dark thoughts

what does this have to do with British culture?


trans rights

go fuck yourself

what a time to be alive

trans rights

all the answers are in this book

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dont exist

>trans rights

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why do they call it oven when meme culture are is the british culture hot eat the food

boomers love japan

zoomers love korea

want to decapitate a tranny

>a timeline of me
me but the same thing since 2008

what if the bible was translated wrong?

I see literally no attempt in that picture

awooooo werewolves of london

trans rights

feel dysphoric as fuck

stop spamming/flooding

If the universe is a finite entity, but everything in existence lies within the universe, what would you see if you were able to travel to the edge of the universe and look outside of it?

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Thats the spirit

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non whites shouldn't be allowed to live (near me)

don't make me laugh so much. i'm the guy who got high.

transphobia outside of /b/

Americans will all die soon. Yippee!

why do photos of things that far away start to look like they're off the cover of a sci-fi novel from the 60s



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Only real boomers will understand this

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