Who's awesome? (YOU) are awesome !!

Who's awesome? (YOU) are awesome !!

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T-thank you Pedro, you too.

no i'm not, don't lie to me bitch


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Wish I could reach you just so I could prove you wrong. You're as awesome as can be, user

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you're rotten and so am i

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everything will be alright, user. remember that you live in the best continent on Earth (the whole third world wants to please you, specially me ;3 )

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Daily faggot thread number 4529

You're not cute

I am

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Wow, you are actually very cute

thanks ri-chan, although i dont think its in your character to say that. but so are you.

Thanks user, i know

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>WOW i'm literally like this anime girl!! I'm SO cute!!
T. 20 something years old grown man who lives in his parents basement

>WOW i'm literally like this anime girl!! I'm SO cute!!
Exactly my med friend. Im a cutie uwu

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anime is so good

Are you the cute brazilian trap?

I wish I was.

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But you are

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F-fuck you, nigga. Nobody was or said anything gay until you came around. Why dont you do like a tree and kys already, y-you f-f-faggot?

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Arigato Ri-chan