ITT: Post islands from your country

ITT: Post islands from your country

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But that belongs to Greenland :(

>tfw no continent

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>get it while it's hot

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most populous island in the world

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Hightiest gas prices in brasil

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the biggest island in Brazil

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seen at map

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Nishinoshima (Ogasawara)

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looks more like a peninsula than an island


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an archipelago in the northeast

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its considered an pluvial island, but you are right.
but this map is very simplified doens't show all the rivers though

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Brazilian trinindad (trinindad e martim vaz)
the most isolated island in brazilian posession

genious me forgot the picture

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fun fact: This used to be called Vancouver's and Quadra's Island when both explorers shared the privilege of naming this region together. The HBC ultimately removed Quadra from the name for simplicity.

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This is how 95% of our islands look like

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São pedro, the smallest populated island in Brazil.
its population is a light-house keeper and a group of oceanographers and biologists with a small laboratory (both visible in the pic)

holly shit, again.
i have to go to sleep

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looks based, i imagine myself driving on one of those with a huge ass ural

World's most well-known island

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The trip is gonna be awesome, considering the size of some islands.

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I'm going to post every rock that I know of that has a name, starting with the main island, Malta.

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I've been there, highly scenographic lake circuit


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Kemmuna & Kemmunett

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Il-Ġebla tal-Ħalfa

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When are you invading it and taking it from the Fr*nch

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Il-Ġebla tal-Ġeneral

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You should give it back to the nips

Il-Ġżira Manoel

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Il-Ġżira ta' San Pawl

That's it.

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I would like to give it to them and watch how they build skyscrapers on this lifeless stone

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Two islands from our island :^)

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Islands are fucking stupid and everyone who lives on them is an autist


Islanders are based, and so are you. We're not like continentalcucks at least.

It's a nice walk but in the recent years, there's so many tourists you might have to walk from quite far away to get to Bled in the first place because every free spot in a kilometer range around Bled is already parked on.

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Surprised you have electricity
FEMA donate you a generator?

I'm waiting the Argentines

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argieland are ok sometimes

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don't be stupid.

don't be stupid x2

There's so many and they're so diverse that i can't really pick a single one

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currently apart of UK but belongs to Scotland.

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Just sheep and some churches.

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Looks like it's suitable for potato cultivation

Youd be surprised

Why do you people breed like rats?

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Japan also imitated the fort.

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looks like japan is suitable for JAPANESE WOMEN BRED BY KOREAN MAN.

yeah. why don't they import people instead like us!

our land :)))

Too British are warlike and anti-Japanese.
Very interesting.

Old Picture but ok

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the Caribbean islands are truly gems in the Dutch crown.

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every country and continent is an island

sharing a border with France is pretty cool

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France has it from august to january and we have it from february to july. We share it because we're good frens :)

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Île-de-France :DDD


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Vela Palagruža biggest island of the Palagruža archipelago, the southernmost point of Croatia.

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You could just have posted the one that has created France.

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Well, look at that. Top of the World yet again.

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This pile of bird shit is ours

this is your answer

We only import people because kikes overlords need slaves to feed the sheckels machine.


>always beaten by sweden

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