I spent over ONE HOUR looking at this picture, here are my findings

Those circled in YELLOW are the prettiest girls (bottom left yellow is the best over all).
GREEN are some girls who I thought were almost yellow, or who just stood out to me personally.
IDK why I did PURPLE.

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i spent 2 seconds and i can tell 80% is kim-san

You may look at some of my choices for green and think "are they really better than those around them?", the anser is yes. They really are, look CLOSELY and you wil see this.

I have to know if I'm missed any girls who are pretty...

"Nolifer of the week" award goes to you bud

Ah yes "Kim" has far better English proficiency than the average jap on Jow Forums why are japs so retarded?

arr rook same

Literally bee hive

I spent half of the minute looking at this pic, and I want to say BLUE is the only cute girl on pic

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With a nose that wide? No way.

Also here is original pic.

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Lmao at that chick flipping us off

I spent 1 second looking at the photo and I can tell you that none of them stood out

Spend an hour doing it.

Anyway OP is korean.

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Are these Korean or Japanese?

Check the form of school uniform.

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I figured. I’d like to see Japanese class pictures. Unbiased, raw. Pisses me off how people lust over Japan and Japanese women like they’re some sort of superior human race, and think every one of the women look like models.

I know u have much time to kill time.

I wanted to say blue circle girl too

Asian girls commonly don't wear make-up until after school. If no one here or in Murrika wore any make-up in highschool a lot of girls would look much worse, too.

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This is an all girls school, right?

she just have bad brother
she is not that bad

This is objectively real Japanese woman.
Compere with this

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Korean is basically most ugly face in Asia