Colored in blue are countries that are part of "The West"

colored in blue are countries that are part of "The West"

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You forgot Japan.

Japan is not a western country


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I don't want to be a Westie it's hard enough here

wrongest wrong

the "West" got all of their shit from the Meds and the Meds from the Levant and Ancient Egypt

The west is the countries of the former western Roman empire and their colonies

outdated. this is the new definition of west.

If you go far enough east, it becomes west.

How are you defining "The West"?

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brazil is not western. don't lump us with those subhumans

In a sense you could say it has aspects of Western culture incorporated within its own, but It's still distinctly eastern.

"western" is just a gay new worlder cope

This map is just "sphere of european dominance"

europe is west

"The West" don't have "Eastern Weapons"

>in nato
>not west
>commie dicatorship

These latinoshits are not western


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turkey is culturally and historically distinct from the western world, despite recent political alliances.
Venezuela meanwhile had always been culturally western ever since spanish colonization.
communism itself is a western ideology, it was invented in the west.


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ignore the stupid gerrymandering and just focus on the axes

You got a good way of thinking but still wrong

Historically Western - Greeks invented it because they were "West" of the persians, jews, phoenicians. They called themselves western

Now western - whites and newworld whites. When someone says "westerner" they mean a white person. This includes russia, ukraine, israel, australia but not turkey as it's like half-beduin.

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are meds and slavs white to you? if so how come

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>gaza is a part of israel
>the golan isn't

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>Mexico most self-expressing Latin American society

They are bug people.

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>>commie dicatorship
Communism is an ideology of French and German origin

Are you literally retarded? They were the antithesis of the West for hundreds of years.

Puerto Rico is probably higher, they just didn't participate in the latest WVS round

Because we're white, are you retarded?

You're not white Pablo Escobar

This is the CURRENT definition, Turkey is 100x more western than Russia or Ukraine



I’m not talking about Eastern Europe, nigger. How the fuck is Turkey Western and Latin America not?

In reality, the West is NATO minus Turkey + Australia and New Zealand.

However if you were to restrict it further you would, based on economics, you would probably exclude the slavic countries + Hungary east of the Berlin wall.

No North Africa?

>not turkey as it's like half-beduin
Turks are pretty much the same as Greeks genetically, that's how they show up on a PCA, there's barely any Turkic genes in Turkey

>They were the antithesis of the West for hundreds of years

The definition of "the West" grew out of the definition of Greek "western civilization" and later Western Europe, and the definition continues to expand in modern times to be more of a formal/informal political/economic/cultural bloc. Places like the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are often associated with "the West" because of the their last century of entanglement with Western European Powers via involvement in the World Wars, NATO, etc. Unlike the US, Canada, etc. Latin American nations largely sat out of the world wars, and were not really part of the official "western bloc" facing off against the "Eastern bloc" in the post-war. It's for these reasons that places like Russia are not considered part of "the West", but former Eastern states that have subsequently joined NATO are. Conclusion, the term "the West" is mostly a political definition that seeks to define a culture and alliance, but it is largely fluid, and not necessarily a geographical.


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How? They don't have Arab genes and don't cluster with Arabs, your using the muslim majority country = arabs mentality

This Turk wants to be Western so bad

Stupid bait.

forgot South Korea as well. That whole country is westaboo

No it's called common sense dumb burger

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If we were picking the most western countries in Asia, It's Singapore, Japan and South korea right?

The philippines

Sorry mate but under Erdogan Turkey cannot be considered part of the West. While it is in NATO, Erdogan has de-secularised the state while boosting Islamism. He as also distanced himself away from the US/EU/NATO in an attempt to forge improved ties with Russia and Iran.

turkey is west

How are you defining "Western countries"? because if you include South Korea, Japan, etc. it seems you're just only describing them as "developed countries"

A man of culture. But why include Israel?

Well to be "developed" you have to be western in a sense

Plus Hong Kong though you'll trigger Zhang by saying that, but none of them would be Western countries.

Being Western isn’t being part of a military alliance. Being Western is a set of values and traditions. An Islamic country that didn’t find secularization until the 1920s cannot be Western. You can’t say that country is Western and then leave out most of the Western Hemisphere despite a tradition of European rule, Christian faith, European language, republicanism, and secular governments. Also why did you make an exception for Brazil? This makes no sense.


based on cultural and historical ties. japan and south korea are not by any means western, they're just developed.
Israel was built by western jews from germany and poland

Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are not the west


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I mean turning your army into more of a western one is pretty western.


every country has a "western" army now

Depends on how one speaks about the "West". The notion of a Western civilization predates, not necessarily with this name, the rise of international liberalism after the 40s. Won't you consider Poland, Czechia, etc. as Western just because they've been under communist rule?

Brazil is mulatto and culturally Brazilian with an Arab religion, we're our own thing, not "western".

CHADTUGAL is the seat of power of the Islamic world

Africa has no influence on Brazilian high culture.

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>swiss and austria
aaah the famed no mans land nobody dares include in their west/east/northern/southern Europe divisions

Wouldn't it be better to call it Westernized?

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the "West" is an stupid anachronistic term, the concept of "Europa" (which was a Phoenician princess by the way) is a result of Classical World Studies which were centered around the Levant and Western Asia

>European rule, Christian faith, European language, republicanism, and secular governments
ok so which one is it? what's the definition of "Western Hemisphere?

call what westernized? japan and south korea? I guess you could, but every country in the world now is westernized too to some degree

Since when were Latin America and Eastern Europe Western?

>republicanism and secular governments

Yes, Evropa is a term stolen by snownigger barbarians from the Greeks, it is actually what is nowadays called 'the Balkans'. The smaller Asian subcontinent should have another name altogether. I propose India #2.


Depends on the definition used.

>a picture from 5000 years ago represents modern Brazilian society
Everything about our culture today besides religion is African, southern cuck. And we also have our own pagan religion called Candomblé, again with its roots in Africa.

>b-but we white and germanic and we sons of Odin!!!
Just leave this country, you're a delusional minority.

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Why isn't Georgia?

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I actually wouldn't mind if Israel was admitted to the EU.

>Brazil western
>Uruguay Chile Argentina Mexico not western
Ok dude. At this point there is no objectivity to what you guys are doing, and just nitpicking the "west" into influential, big, and relatively prosperous countries.

at least in genetics they use "Western Eurasia" but that includes not only all of Europe but also North Africa, the Arabian peninsula and the Caucasus

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Since when is the "west" a racial term.
It isn't. These latinoshits have been under western dominance for hundreds of years. their religion, language, government, and customs are heavily influenced by the 'west' if not western itself.
So, I don't know what to tell you.

If you retards want to clump cultures like the ancient greeks and colonial spain into the "western" tag, then by default you have to admit latin america into the western sphere, as culturally speaking, they aren't much different. Just a poorer, browner version of the west.

In the other hand, Asians like the japanese, koreans, and chinese are obviously not western but they are relatively rich and prosperous.

>Mexico having more self-expression values than Spain.

LOL. If Self-expression means beheadings, sure...

>Everything about our culture today besides religion is African
The delusion

So American blacks aren't Western?

Like we give a fuck, we make business with everybody; acquire currency, disregard bitches

I'm sorta dumb, but what do you guys mean with "self-expression"?

>English speaking
>Canada has a culture

Correct. They are monkeys

>I really want to be part of the cucks group

All these latin americans wanting to be part of the west, its just disappointing

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Can't it be like this?

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