I'm black but I think white people are superior what does that mean?

I'm black but I think white people are superior what does that mean?

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It means you need a white BVLL for to bleach your black gf

youre smart laddie

You're an uncle tom nigger

you're an oreo milk choco.

it means you're white and cringe

How black are you?

it means you need to work hard for your people and community to help bring up black kids to do better when they grow up and strive for greatness

It means that you have no pride, worm

American "blacks" are 10-20% white on average. You are the white man, Tyrone

and what percentage of aussies are abo?

Meh, no hate but you may be right.
Blacks are physically superior anyway, to each their own I guess.
Doesn't mean you cannot be a bright person.

this mean you are a racial cuck at the same level of the apologist soyboys

physically superior in running, strength not so much

I'm yellow and I agree. If we were actually equally intelligent how come only white people went far ahead of every other race and managed to build modern civilization we all adore today? And how come so many African skinned brothers still suffer in Africa fighting for their tribal business stuff? All of this can’t be a coincidence.

somebody explain this, how come whites are so good at civilization n' shieet? is it genetic?

Surely you know white people who are stupider, lazier, duller, than you. Why would you think they’re superior?

No idea but I'm not an aussie

>Being this cucked only because Europeans went ahead for two centuries
Now I don't blame self-hating blacks but you are a cuck.

civilization is bad

this but unironically

because black people are generally more stupider, lazier, duller, and also violent

All things considered whites haven't been so predominant compared to Far Eastern civilizations for most of history, the main difference was made by the European colonisation of the Americas and the industrialisation. China has always been quite isolationist and didn't try to expand as much as European countries did, maybe if it balkanised like the Roman Empire things would be different. If I remember correctly the Ming were the ones that completely fucked up China by demolishing its fleet. But then again the Americas are much more far away and the West coast is shit compared to the East Coast.

>more stupider
oh no no no

-t. US marine

Even if that were true it doesn’t matter. Every group of people is mostly worthless except for the 10% or less that are exceptional.

I don't think anyone is better than me personally, but will admit that a lot of black people let the race down.

Only 0.001% of humans matter anyway.

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Whoops, forgot to say, ignore the APU second from right.
Too lazy to mark him out.

You fell for the memes Jamal

replace him with an indigenous BVLL

I wish I could draw..
but that is a good candidate to replace with.

Also, she is a QT (Nilo Tabrizky).

that maybe you have a job

it means you accepted the truth