Does any country a similar sistem for your polices branches?

In Brazil, traffic police and street patrolling (PM or policia militar) police are 2 different branches, PM's can't give traffic tickets and traffic cops, with exception of highway ones, can't arrest people for any crime that is not traffic related.
we have the federal and state highway patrol, what will persecute and eventualy arrest you if you are with drugs or in possession of a stolen vehicle, but they don't respont normal police calls. There are city traffic cops what can only give tickets, mostly doens't have guns and can't arrest you.

If a PM officer see you parking illegally he will call an traffic cop, same applies if you are seen stealing something by a traffic cop

i am not aware of any other country that does this shit

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we have the same in the US but either one can shoot you so it doesn't matter

it someone stab another person in front of a US traffic cop will he try to arrest the stabber or just pull his gun and order him to wait until a real cop comes? traffic cops here can only desperatelly grab their radios and yell at the dispatch for a PM

what do you mean by traffic police?

We don't have traffic police nor military police, but we have traffic agents for tickets and breathalyser tests

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only one type of police here. they deal with everything, exept the technical state of veicles and military security. we have the road department that can put up checkpoints to see if you car is safe and within specifications, they even use license plate cameras that goes through their database so they know if your inspection or insurance is ok before they stop you. they do weight and driving/resting times on truckers and that stuff and can take you drivers license or plates away since they are the one who issue it in the first place. they can not take you for speeding or dui thats police work. usually they have an officer on site if its a huge planned checkpoint. police also cant take you for stuff about your veicle they send you to the road department for inspection. military police only care about the security of military installations and the behavior of military people. they have no power over civilians but to deny them access to bases and are usually not seen unless its a big nato or international excersise going on.

We have

works as FBI

>Gendarmeria and Prefectura
border patrol and coast guard, but also militarized police

>Provincial police forces
every province has their own police

>City police forces
only the richest ones have them

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police what only deals with traffic situations. Tickets, alcohol breathalyser tests, documents and road tax checks, etc

i though it was pretty obvious

i think its the exaxt same concept as our traffic cops, they are called traffic agents in some states too. do cops in argentina can write traffic tickets or only those guys?

No, cops also can write tickets... but when the city is too big, they need agents for traffic

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Oh I forgot to mention..

When you see a cop or a traffic agent typing on their turquoise phones.. you're fucked.

The ticket automatically arrives to the system.

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Norwegian road departament sounds like our highway patrol, except for the speeding part
Military police here works as an State police, an alusion to the former state armies what used to exist, the general concept of a military police in brazil is called "army police", it is common to see PMs and highway cops working together in the countryside in those truck weight checkpoints between state borders, but PMs are just there because in some really small villages the police departament building is shared with highway cops.

City police (guarda metropolitana, in some places) here pretty much only serves to be asked out informations, they have pretty much the same duty as PMs but they are cowards and rare to be seen in general, thanks for your list

Fuck, they are bringing this here too, at least in poorer cities still the good old pen and paper, you have a chance to get away with it

we do have some kind of that
we cal them barangay tanod which are armed with bamboo sticks or machete and their captain is armed with a .38
who does the traffic and policing deep neighboorhood, they do call the cops when shtf like muslim extremists

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bamboo sticks sound really based, our city traffic cops don't have nothing to deffend themselves if someone get anger and decides to attack them
do barangays are allowed to arrest people if needed, or they just act with traffic and as an enforce to normal cops?

some traffic cops dress as clows to advise pedestrians about traffic laws and safety, sometimes they (with help of actuall uniformized one) will pull you over just to give an advise paper and do clow stuff with you. i used to like it as a kid

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yeah, barangay is like a mini goverment, it has a small jail, court room, police, traffic, garbage collection. although they only handle small shit like theft ,robbery. if theres gun involved they call the cops

>Policija (kriminālā)
Regular police
>Pašvaldības policija
City police.Deals with sound complaints, fights, first responses, everything in city limits.
>Ceļu policija
Road police. Deals with speeding cars and pursuits.
>militārā policija
Military police. Deals with crime committed by military personnel
>Transporta policija
Same as Ceļu policija, but meant for trucks and commercial hauls
Special units

finally have a reason to post my tanod meme

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>i am not aware of any other country that does this shit
We have similar system
Also we have ''Pašvaldības policija''
A police force employed by the city.
They have guns and act almost as regular police (respond to most calls and crimes)

Every branch can technically detain you for a crime but they then calls the appropriate branch.

Video- city police ''doing job meant for road police''

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they collect garbage too, ultra-based

Why a separate police just for trucking, it works like some sort of customs office with focus on cargo or it is by vechicle size?

thanks anons

what does Pašvaldības are not allowed to enfoce or interveigne?


No idea. I have seen them do everything - searches, foot patrols, pursuits, detaining people.
I don't think they can't go outside the city to get some guy either.
On average they just catch drunks.
The regular police are more for the serious stuff, although Pašvaldības police need to be trained as they could just ''run in'' to a dangerous criminal

>order him to wait until a real cop comes?
this only happens with mall cops