Tree thread

post em

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who the fuck cares you're not a dog lmaoo


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I’m a dog

no ones muttier than me.

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Come home white boy

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boring tree
but maybe most japanese same as me

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I literally don't know, all of my family that I know is Brazilian
Go to Italy things will get better

Thats me but replace Japanese with K*reans

very nice

no, they got rid of all the cats at the botanical garden in buenos aires, now I have no reason to go

but I do get to go to the consulate and vote for your president believe it or not

Argentinian- *merican couple is odd even though both are in the Americas


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clean up that flag please no dirty flags

this is serious

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No bully

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what the fuck is wrong with your dad’s flag

yeah, because cat urine smell in the whole garden is beautiful

that’s how you knew it was owned by the cats

they were sent to Rosario, apparently people there love cats

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your great grandparents were born in communist China?

vote for Gomez Centurion, he's based


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And I have a german last name. I don't even

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Reminds me of CKII for some reason.

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el peruANO

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