One chance at life

>one chance at life
>born in a third world shithole

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i thought mexico was 2nd world.

>Be born in first world country
>Still a lonely depressed virgin

You just can´t win

Yeah you can actually. Depression, loneliness, and virginity suck but they're all ultimately solvable.

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At least you're not Indian.

>i suffer being a swede

>hot chicks, cocaine and cheap goods everywhere



>waaah I suffer in my safe and developed 1st world country

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When you fail at easy mode, it kind of makes you depressed

So what in northern Europe you can literally quit working and get from the government enough money for food and a small apartment

>one chance at life
>born in a country with cut in half, threatened by North nuclear, there is a liar thief across the sea and monsters on the left continents.

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I don't see what that have to do with anything

>one shot at life
>born sandnigger in Iraq

I hope I get reincarnated after my death as the son of some rich millionaire or something,my life isn't bad at all right now but I'm just really selfish and greedy (and i like money more than anything)

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bro,you have free top quailty healthcare/services and hot chicks and well paying jobs

can't see a reason for being depressed

>One chance at life
>Coldest capital in world
>Nothing but history
>retarded people

>one chance at life
>from Dundee

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I don't need the healthcare, the jobs and the chicks I apparently can't have

I don't see what you're bitching about, females are way cheaper in poo poo land

workout,you're dane so i assume ur like 6'3?
won't be hard then

Vete a otro país, inútil.

Oh but user you don't have to worry: Some firsties made a thread the other day listing all the benefits of living in a developing country with none of the drawbacks, while simultaneously listing all the drawbacks of living in a developed country with none of the benefits. So really you should be happy because reasons.

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>all these delusional f*rsties
Third world is unironically hell on earth.

There are no benefits when it comes to living in a shithole lol.


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Have sex, your life is literally easy mode you get paid to exist and your government has to ensure your quality of life is at least alright even if you're unemployed, complaining about being unable to achieve anything by yourself when you're handed everything is embarrassing.

Are you sure you're not Jewish

Awww but... but... but fresh meat and produce... apparently.

>born in a first world country
>the third world comes to us

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russia isn't third world
You live in an ethnostate that gets gibs from every other country
Don't saudis get a gf without even trying from their parents? You guys are also rich af

I'm not Jewish,I just love money,who doesn't?

>Don't saudis get a gf without even trying from their parents? You guys are also rich af
yes marriage is relatively easy unless u are the %0.01 where women won't accept you (extremely ugly)

as for rich it differs from one person to another,mostly middle class

And wrecks the place. Don't forget that detail.

>one chance at life
>from Milan

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For some weird reason I never had any respect for people from ‘first world’ countries

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Having unpasteurized milk in your shops in third world places isn't a fucking benefit.
Of an ""ethnicity"" that is somehow multiple different groups in reality and most of them are nafri/arab looking.
Important note: those who built the country and invested money and work into it at the beginning and money later on are NOT the majority group.
>gets gibs from every other country
Getting 3b per year from the US is literally nothing compared to our GDP and holocaust gibs from Germany don't even get to the people since it goes through the government and it gets taxed twice once when leaving Germany and once when leaving the government, actual holocaust survivors live in pretty awful conditions if they're not dead yet

life is painful.

it doesn't matter third or first.

Because respect should be earned and they don't deserve it

>one chance in life
>born arab in Barcelona
>In a m*slim family
>have my dick circumcised
>also born with lot's of disabilities despite not having incestuous parents
>hairy genetics

life sucks here trust me im moving to vietnam soon, we'll be paying tax to breathe here soon

don't you like get a free housing from plaestine citzens?

Half the Arab villages throw bricks and rocks at Israeli cars that go in them.
Only time Jews took Arab houses was after the declaration of independence when lots left and in some of the bigger cities the Arab Jews started living in ran down neighborhoods while complaining about how they have no proper jobs and houses, rest of them lived in temporary tents.

>I suffer in the third world
Fuck off will you

99.9% of people have to work from morning until evening (or even night) most of their lives anyway.
Life truly ends after high school.

never thought about it

we have one in /fr/ from malmo
he suffers

I didn't say anything about Russia.

>I suffer as a third worlder in a first world country
Fuck off will you

as expected from a Japanese salaryman.
I had a chance to work and eventually immigrate there, but then I realized I'd die from karoshi anyway.

ofc since u came to another country and killing them/childern u fucking kike
how so

karoushi is rare unless you would choose black company.

Do you think a mid-late 20s third worlder with a Master's degree in finance could get a nice job with non-insane hour in Japan?
Never mind. Probably not. Everyone is a slave in finance no matter where you go.
I guess I'll just use my jap language knowledge to read a bunch of manga as escapism.

Russia is getting better, isn't it?

>I guess I'll just use my jap language knowledge to read a bunch of manga as escapism.
I don't even like anime or manga and honestly that's probably about as good as it's going to get. He may be negative, but when he said:
>life is painful.
>it doesn't matter third or first.
he wasn't exactly wrong.

fucking firstoids

I know, but deep down, I really want to emigrate to another country purely because I HATE HOT CLIMATE IN THIS SHITHOLE. And fuck traffic and pollution too.
Indonesian environment is driving me nuts. I wish I can escape, but I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to survive (financially).

God I wish I was born in Greenland/Iceland/Scandinavia/Canada.

>ofc since u came to another country and killing them/childern u fucking kike
>t.knows nothing about history
Literally as dumb as Palestinians getting taught in elementary school that killing Jews is something they should strive to do and that they will get rewarded with virgins in heaven then believing it throwing rocks at a soldier and whining when one of the people throwing rocks gets held down and arrested

was expecting a German flag with this post
this country sucks

Firstoids be like
>muh depression
>muh virginity
>muh loneliness

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>oh nooo I have to save money for something I want because my welfare isn't enough for everything I want I guess I'll have to give it up on cigarettes and alcohol for the month

they disgust me, a life wasted on someone so pathetic

You are deficient human unless you live in a tribe and hunt with bros every day

I complain because my country isn't rich enough
how am I supposed to retire early when Isave only 1000 Euro a month? is this a joke?

What's the point of being "rich" when you live the same as wageslaves in the more sunny and less autistic countries?


I could buy a decent house if I could save 1k euro a month, your problems are just you being dissapointed that life isn't even easier.
>retiring early

>be firstoids
>have a lot of money
>kill self

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one word.

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Is Poland first or third world?

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1.5 world

I suffer a bit then

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Most Western countries have swarms of foreign workers. I'm sure that if you weren't too picky about what you were doing, you'd likely find a job, even if it's doing something menial. We have shitloads here.

at least you're not black

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>one chance at life
>born in a decent but universally hated country

>Depression solvable

>tfw born a gamer

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You can go into the desert hoping to dig cunieform tablets up without having to buy a expensive plane ticket. You have it pretty great. How can you be depressed about living in the place where all these great ancient civilizations have been?

holy shit a black south african poster? Where do you live?

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I particularly don't.
Its nice sure but I won't go out of my way to earn a bit more.

The only thing you can buy that would actually make you happier is private property and in the first world it's just more competition for it.

any country full of poles is by definition a third world shithole


At least you're not white kek; what a pack of cunts white South Africans are:

I generally value all your opinions on the matter, EXCEPT for countries living in Super Easy mode (Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to some extent Japan amd Korea to name a few). You know nothing about suffering and everything is handed to you on a silver platter in your comfy developed country, therefore ignorant of the topic hence all belong in the trash.

>did he just

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>one chance at life

I think about killing myself every time i go to the grocery store

girls are my height range

Well I don't know about all of you, but I'm never showing sympathy for poor people ever again. Prick.

The only real suffering is loneliness and feeling powerless.

Having an iPhone X won't make you happier.

send me your money then

>Germany is super easy mode
When I earn 3500 Euro a month the government will only leave me 2100 to my own, then I need to spend another 100 Euro on necessary insurances and 500 on housing,,,
Does this sound super easy to you? fuck you

Nah it stays in the bank until I find something worth spending it on

It's none of that "just b urself and think about the people who have it worse bro :)" shit but you're delusional if you think depression is permanent

fuck you
I'm worth spending money on

>oh no my infrastructure is slightly poor how will I survive while having a thriving culture, family to support me and guaranteed traditional wife :((

Give me your name and address; I'll mail you a cheque.