wavey garms edition

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us.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-relaxed-jersey-cropped-polo-in-black/prd/12103382?channelref=product search&mk=abc¤cyid=2&ppcadref=2054585166|75215651733|aud-593378817762:pla-652057512618&browseCountry=US&affid=24760&channelref=product search&mk=abc&ppcadref=2054585166|75215651733|aud-593378817762:pla-652057512618&_cclid=Google_CjwKCAjwtajrBRBVEiwA8w2Q8FyLAFSbVVfaTt7ZgMF0kM_g2JaPoGJJAAYELBidd0m_uCiUjtBKyBoC1QEQAvD_BwE&gclid=CjwKCAjwtajrBRBVEiwA8w2Q8FyLAFSbVVfaTt7ZgMF0kM_g2JaPoGJJAAYELBidd0m_uCiUjtBKyBoC1QEQAvD_BwE


I definitely have more sex than all of the other redditflaggers and I imagine I'm in a high percentile of sex-havers on /brit/

haha epic
epic for the win!

had a fair bit of the old sex but not one to shag around me

The suicidal thoughts are coming back. AHHHH

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you're a sodomite though aren't you?

>NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you need to take your minimum wage side job as seriously as I do because I'm a complete failure in life and this is the best I'll ever do

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manner of speaking

nigwit just flew through my window

so by definition you aren't having sex
neither are the rest of them
ergo I'm in the lead

who told you to be on here like the rest of us

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Banger m.youtube.com/watch?v=CEToKGfjlmM

i hated working with this species of cunt but isn't the minimum wage in aus insanely high?

sucking a red bull


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there was a huntingdonshire flagger whos now married so he probably wins but he dont flag anymore cos hes always at toil

not heard a peep from the nidgers since i cut down the tree out me window
nigwig season aint till september and the dog takes care of that when im not sucking him to an early grave

actually terrible

Just want it to be all over lads.

sodomy is wrong and grim

i shag but not arse stuff that's for the birds


what's a good color of rugby shirt?
thinking of this
us.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-relaxed-jersey-cropped-polo-in-black/prd/12103382?channelref=product search&mk=abc¤cyid=2&ppcadref=2054585166|75215651733|aud-593378817762:pla-652057512618&browseCountry=US&affid=24760&channelref=product search&mk=abc&ppcadref=2054585166|75215651733|aud-593378817762:pla-652057512618&_cclid=Google_CjwKCAjwtajrBRBVEiwA8w2Q8FyLAFSbVVfaTt7ZgMF0kM_g2JaPoGJJAAYELBidd0m_uCiUjtBKyBoC1QEQAvD_BwE&gclid=CjwKCAjwtajrBRBVEiwA8w2Q8FyLAFSbVVfaTt7ZgMF0kM_g2JaPoGJJAAYELBidd0m_uCiUjtBKyBoC1QEQAvD_BwE

Rent in any medium-large city here is about $300 a week unless you wanna live in a shared crack den, in which case it's $200 for a room.

my proudest moment was a series of posts with efg saying "dubs" and getting singles like 5 times in a row and then saying "ah fuck this shit, check these singles" and i got quints

that's bumdriller attire

hello boomer
no that's just how us kids dress nowadays

my old dog always sneaks out during the night
i think shes just going for a piss but i also like to imagine she's sneaking out and doing something like picking up a draw







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im in my early 20s and no one is wearing that

(((they))) want you to wear that though

absolute dogshit
completely fucked the original

Hiking through the mountains earlier and found a big necropolis

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roommate is absolutely railing some chick downstairs

might form a rugby club
like physical contact like rugby shirts

i found a big negropolis yesterday as i passed through london

You should be proud such a band came from your shitty island

haha sneaky doggo

that's not particularly expensive 2bh considering your national minimum wage

sorry for being me lads
cant help it.
wont help it
not if i can help it

fuck you young scrolls is the best

little zoomer maggoid worm cunt

really want to go down warm up my quesadilla but this is a bit awkward

dogshit that bastardized the amazing original arrangements. go kill yourself


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boomer maggot obstinate to change as always

>have to work 25 hours of grueling labour with no chance for promotion every week for the privilege of living indoors and eating
>more if you have to run a car or have other bills
>most unis are flooded with rich preppy students who set a higher workload precedent so passing while working 30hrs a week is extremely difficult
It's a bit of a trap.

wanking a quesadilla

yeah i agree if you're having to scrape by while studying that's a bit grim but don't you have student bursaries for poorer students there?




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nearly 30 and haven't gotten a learner license lads


cop that

once me and a couple of mates went off for a long weekend at one of them cabins in sherwood or somewhere and obviously we then went to the nearest tesco to stock up
we all got booze and food except they got like a pork pie or a ready made spanish omelette which they ate out of the wrapper like animals while i got a rump steak and veg and a bottle of red haha
will never forget the look on their faces when i sat down with my dinner and poured myself some wine looking at each other like who does this cunt think he is haha

do have a car though, my dad bought it for me about 3 years ago to incentivise me to get a license haha

sucking a golf ball

is it fast

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no but it looks like it is

why haven't you done the test then lad? just get it out of the way init

ford falcon?

canny be arsed
volkswagen golf

She is so fucking fit, imagine her sitting on your face and batter your bollocks with mallet

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lazy cunt
youll feel good once youve done it

to be fair it's a 90s model one, before they started looking poofy

most modern cars look poofy anyways


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cat meow because it knows that in my bag the food

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might wank to asian american porn

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my car goes vroom vroom

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how does thermal vision work?
doesn't seem possible
you can't feel body heat from 100m away and what if its windy?


Alright nigger

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for the love of god go to sleep

would love to but i just woke up
it's 7:25am here

those thermal cams are crazy yup

check this shit

night vision and thermal


Hello one cd please, no files

it's a good look

we're never going to get an honest and objective review of the Joker movie cause one half of the reviewers will give it 10/10 while the other will give it 0/10 stating the current precarious political environment of the world as the reason and not the actual movie and its merits itself

the night vision goggles special forces wear cost like 40k per set

who cares
superhero movies are gay

i think it's more likely people will just compare it to heath ledger's joker and say this new one sucks

Blog off

mad how there are james bondesque spies and that on their missions right now

You get about 1100/month which goes down with wages after a certain point - and also get lump sums for studying.
Unless you're a rich cunt above the asset threshold

what do they do when they're on a mission and they realise they really need a poo?

Love the smell of fresh pine

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tesco bag

they have to poo in a bag and take it with them
can't leave evidence lying about
or they poo into a baddies bum to frame him as a pooer

ready for some hilldawg kino?

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Hi, mate. I wonder how to say "oy vey" in Irish, could you help?

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She kills gamers

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