I need to tidy up my life

Let go of things that bring too much emotional resentment and bring no joy.

I'll be doing it in this thread.

>Do I need this?
>Do I use this?
>Does this bring me joy?

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Stupid weeb

First item: Thai travel book

>Do I need this?
It has useful Thai language phrases. I enjoy learning Thai.

>Do I use this?
I bought it 3 years ago and have looked through it but have yet to go to Thailand.

>Does this bring me joy?
It did at first but I can use online resources anyway.

Well bye Thai book, it has been fun

2nd item: cardcaptor sakura toy clow book

>Do I need this?
Not at all. It is useless.

>Do I use this?
Not really. I look at it sometimes as a relic of my childhood that survived.

>Does this bring me joy?
It does in a way, because my childhood sucked mostly and my parents got rid of my things without asking and my brother stole a bunch of other things and this was something it good condition that I managed to save. It feels like victory.

Well it can stay, and in the future maybe it will have value to someone else.

It's weird seeing a 1st worlder getting rid of his things

3rd item: Japanese poetry book

>Do I need this?

>Do I use this?
I read it sometimes

>Does this bring me joy?
It was given to me by my grandmother and I really like it but it isn't light to carry..

I am at a loss with this one..

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Wtf why so much Japanese shit

It might make more sense to know I have done this twice a year since I graduated high school 10 years ago because I live like a nomad around the world with no permanent housing. As I gain new things I have to get rid of the old, I also replace almost all my clothing yearly except jackets and coats.

I'm not from Korea or Japan, but part of my reason for traveling and living in Asia was because my grandparents did before I was born, they loved Asia, even my parents love Asia, which is why I have so much stuff from Asian countries. I had much more before, even ivory chinese stamps and massage balls, stuff from India too.

Except the cardcaptors thing is because of my obsession with that show as a kid.

Keep it since it has sentimental value.

4th item: Japanese childrens book

>Do I need this?

>Do I use this?

>Does this bring me joy?
It's just so cute.. It has no use but I like it..

I have to crop all the photos.. taking longer than expected. Anyway.. I'll keep this. It's light to carry and I can show it to my future child if I have one.

Are you white orientalist?
Do you have katana blade?

forgot image :|

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I have a whole bookshelf to sort through, Korean user.

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I should.. but it's so heavy seriously.
200 pages, hard cover book.

I can't imagine trying to travel with a sword, it wouldn't go so well. I've never owned a weapon before tbqh.

I have a shelf in my house where I store items which remind me of events that happened or of friends that I lost. Sometimes I have to remove some stuff and make room for new memories. At first it was filled with meaningless things which were basically jokes, but the more time passed, more and more things which had actual meaning were added

how do I quit smoking, o honorable teacher?

Gay boy
Buying swords and daggers is all I do the few times I can afford to leave this country.

5th item: korean danso music book

>Do I need this?
If I want to play the songs on this instrument or learn how to read music in the Korean way

>Do I use this?
Actually not for danso but I can play the sheet music better with western flute, but with internet finding sheet music isn't hard

>Does this bring me joy?
I don't think I need it

Probably on its way out
But why are all the heavy things sentimental.. this doesn't help me much :/

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Think the logic.
Do you bring joy to smoking?
If not you off yourself from it.

This gives me anxiety because of the disorganization, but if you stay somewhere longterm I quite like a busy bookshelf and I envy you. If I can buy a house I can have one too.

Sounds sweet.

The best thing is to never start.
The next best thing is to find other ways to deal with stress and emotions and channel your energy into that. Write a journal, play and instrument, go into nature, any of these would be better.


This is not your blog or twitter

Marie-chan a qt

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>Do you bring joy to smoking?
well not joy but it offers instantaneous pleasure.
I am too weak to just decide I'm never going to smoke again.

>Write a journal, play and instrument, go into nature, any of these would be better.
well, I know that already.

thank you anyway.

This thread has more quality than all the threads this past week combined.

Find some tranquility user.

6th item: Japanese magazine

>Do I need this?

>Do I use this?
Rarely, it gives me laughs sometimes at the weirdness found inside

>Does this bring me joy?
The laughs. But I have to wonder if there is any other value

Still undecided.. it was also from my grandmother but it's just a magazine

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Good thread. Keep posting traveler user

7th item: swimsuit

>Do I need this?
I don't swim enough these days to really warrant having it and summer is basically over

>Do I use this?
In the summer but it doesn't fit well and I want a different style

>Does this bring me joy?
It's too small, I only swam here once. Next summer I can buy new and enjoy it better, I just don't swim all the time like I did as a child

Well waste of money but time to say goodbye

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i dont need this shit life, i dont use this shit life , this shit life does not bring me joy

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8th & 9th item: yellow dress and silver dress combo

>Do I need this?
Clothes are replaceable. I've had them a couple years and worn many times.

>Do I use this?
In the spring, summer, and fall they are great to wear. The silver feels like almost nothing in the heat. I can get more use out of them but I think I might have moved on from them.

>Does this bring me joy?
Silver is amazing but feels a little scratchy, and the silver is less suitable as I age. The yellow is cute and gets many compliments but I can't deny I bought it to feel more feminine and for dates of which none I even had since I bought it. There are more cute summer dresses to be worn.

Goodbye to yellow...silver I guess too. Thank you for the joys I had buying you and wearing you. Someone else can wear you now.

post bikini pic with feet.
Are you tranny?

Based weeb parents. I wish I had...

No and noooo lol

10th item: see through cardigan

>Do I need this?
It's cute but replaceable

>Do I use this?
A lot in warmer months

>Does this bring me joy?
Yes but it also has some nad associations and needs to go. I can always buy another one later.

Goodbye cardigan, you are still pretty

11th item: concert ukulele

>Do I need this?
No, I just wanted it

>Do I use this?
I'm not good at playing it but it's a relaxing instrument, and it challenges me

>Does this bring me joy?
Yeah it does, it's just so fragile and hard to travel with.

Well I'll keep you ukulovely ukulele
>I'm keeping too much..not good!!

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