Are people worried about the joker movie in your country?

Are people worried about the joker movie in your country?


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>movies kill people guise!!

Why is the American """""""""""""""left""""""""""""""""""""" acting like 80s conservatives?

Your country will be destroyed.
I warn your elites that if they want to keep owning all their wealth that they should start putting money on reducing libtardness

Power to the people!


>This film is my Black Panther.
lost it

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>Dying for comic book movies and their edgelord characters
Just amerilard things tbqh

>American journalists think movies drive people to commit acts of violence
absolute state of your country

>Dying cuz local cartel needed target practice
just el salvadorian things desu

That's what happens when Libtards are backed into a corner. They literally think everything is out to "kill them" or others.
Amazing how naive they are - they are just as extreme as Conservatives.

At least that's an actual serious problem and not some virgin rage lel. Halfway thru the manifesto, are we?

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Lol I bet it sucks to be an incel in usa, glad here in Brazil no one thinks i will kill ppl just because i'm virgin

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Also i'm a big fan of joker so I bet i will like this movie

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yea im almost done with it see you then

It’s so weird that the puritans wanting South Park cancelled in the 90’s are now gone and replaced with twitter fags wanting everything catered to them. I miss the old school whiners, probably because they didn’t have much sway.

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Going to fucking IMAX on release night to watch it.


Is it out yet

Nope. 31 of August.
It was premiered at the Venice Film Festival, though.

But that's your fantasy though.
Do they really do this, huh?

Wasn't there a shooting at a boteman movie like 10 years ago? If boteman gets people shot joker sure will, some of you guys are alright, don't go to see joker in a cinema.

surely the person that wrote that text on the right was just parodying the gamer/incel meme

There are many tells, but batman vs superman shilling means it's clearly and beyond any reasonable doubt a /tv/ shitpost.