real nigga edition

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Ahoj /v4/.
I really want to know what you think about en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federation_of_Expellees or the Prussian Trust, for example.

wake up retards


Don't know about them so I don't care, but fuck G*rmans

Basically the Federation of Expellees is an association to defend the rights of people who have been expelled from their homes, they claim, but only care about Germans who were expelled from Eastern Europe, and they choose to ignore the reason why they were expelled when talking about it.
The Prussian Trust goes beyond that and doesn't even try to hide it, and asked an EU tribunal for compensation for what they claim was an unfair thing, but they were ignored.
The German government claim not to support the Prussian Trust, but they support the Federation of Expellees, because it's led by CDU politicians, and the vice president of the Federation of Expellees is the vice president of the Prussian Trust.
So basically Germans not only genocides Eastern European people and forced them to leave their home, now after losing they cry because they were expelled in a much more orderly way and only because they started attacking.

Made a mistake, the vice president of the Federation is a chairman of the supervisory board of the Prussian Trust.

hey, thats what we want to do in croatia


my PC turned off at 8 am
maybe short blackout?

You might have more legal basis because expulsion of people from their home was viewed differently back then, and the Allies agreed that Germans were to be expelled from Eastern Europe, although I can't see any other fastest solution to ethnic conflicts, since as long as people aren't forced to move hate is bound to come back.


>asked an EU tribunal for compensation for what they claim was an unfair thing, but they were ignored.
based EU

God I wish I were dead.

There is no god.

Shut up fag, that's not the point.


There is no you.

We need reeducation camps for gamers and manchildren in general.

We need reeducation camps homosexuals.

What are reeducation camps homosexuals?

If we would just nuke the West there would be no need for either of those

we need reeducation camps for Serbian communists posting on chinese image boards.

this reeks of anti*a
civilians should not be punished for sins of minority that took power, AH only had 30% support

nah you just need to push it out of media and schools, it dies out naturally

>Rapid-onset gender dysphoria” among teens and young adults may be a social contagion linked with having friends who identify as LGBT, an identity politics peer culture, and an increase in internet use, finds a study out this month from a Brown University professor. The study was quickly yanked from Brown’s news releases after a transgender activist feeding frenzy, and the journal it was published in is reconsidering the publication.


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not really

would give her a nice circle beard

I guess I have low standards then

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I mean, she is a 6/10 at least

she cute


>wake up
>remember that manchildren still exist
>day instantly ruined

why are you so rude to yourself

me IRL

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Morning lads! How are you doing?

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Is she a quadroon or something? She looks weird.

user i love you so much

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*punches you*

...as a friend

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when was the last time somebody told you she loves you?

Literally never ever

Not counting family? Almost 8 years ago. But she was 5/10 with BPD and I friendzoned her.

previous life

That's what pepikas will tell me.

Now say that in Czech

Klinika Pepikas. ideal for you

How often do you go for pedicure?

Sadly I didn't use my summer to learn Czech because I had very little time due to having to help my father and in the time I had I never felt like learning.
But at least it seems like my parents will sell the flat soon and they'll pay the mortgage.

Klinika Pepikas sounds like a Lithuanian name.

Never happened.

Not even the n word pass:
Not even me when gf says parents arent home
not even anime girl late for school running to school with toast in mouth
Not even Sven:
Not even Thanos with infinity gauntlet:
Not even Airports when they realize you have water:
Not even companies during pride month
Me and the boys naruto running to area 51:
Dank wholesome breathtaking ugandan chungus Kyle using 17% of his monster energy power : pickle jeff when thanos car ending woman screaming at cat whole career while drinking bell dolphin bath water
The cat: I Ii II L
13% of Karens: i take kids Garfield when lasagna : is this a jojo reference?
Sad frog when ree: REEEEEEEE Lol
UwU: owo whats thi
Funny yellow dog ;
I have committed tax fraud omega looool
Ricardo milos when he dances to hit or miss: i came in Minecraft??? Tony start I'm stuff: I'm stuff doggo bamboozle mlem woof
Reddit user's wife of epic sir!: thank you for the gold, you sir have won the internet for tonight Dancing crab: Epstein is dead
Doggo: 100
Reddit: 100 Teh hecking doggos when boop the snoot of the toe beans ' melm woof bork Hot dog: hot dog
Filthy frank when owning weebs in roblox: kys weeb reeee
Yeah face meme funny guy moment:
Son when no vaccine and live past 10
Deez nuts yea boi when you dont fall to lava
Orange bad man cheeto man when build wall because taco XD
:Liberal snowflake millennial when they don't get a participation award
And also cj not following the damn train: ah shit here I'll have a number 9The bee when jazzL you Like jazz ?
لعشؤشةخمث ىهللش لحثىهس
Me: Butterfly: is this a Meme? I did WHAT in Minecraft..??? Not evenImprovise adapt overcome
Y:ouve heard of elf on the shelf now get ready forugandan chungus garfield jon lasagnigga penis cum rickle pick shaggy thanos cheeto man
Me when my sad softboy need mommy gf page gets 20k: Moth going towards lamp: Nobody: jOhNnY JoHnNy: yEs pApA



By Allah you women are dogs


I bought 2 liquid monte yesterday to drink today and some faggot took it all

edit: OMG, thank you so much. I never had so many likes before

choco drink?


Post something interesting, spergs.


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Does this shit actually have any truth to it or you're posting it just to remind him to lose weight?

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too good to be truth

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zoomers should be exterminated
humanity as a species proved to be a massive failure, evolution needs to start all over again and create something less retarded as its apex predator

the future was yesterday

Trami's attempts at losing weight were hilarious. Too bad it cost him too much in the end.

I ate barszcz z uszkami today.

Rip trámi. He died as he lived. Morbidly obese

watching medan its shit

Upgrade was a nice movie.

Thoughts on Legion Y540 ?


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How acceptable is it for a man to wear makeup these days? I literally cannot go outside w/o it, but I feel that people can easily see I'm using it.

are ou a fag?

Depends on what you are using. Hope you don't look like a flashy faggot

Faggot kys

Acceptable for faggots.

It seems to me it isn't very acceptable.

What if he is just a spotty neckbeard using makeup to hide the spots?


I have moderate acne you niggers, my forehead is red for most of the time. The point is that it's very obvious for other people to see that I use it because it contrasts with rest of my head and kind of shines. inb4 I can't makeup

buy acnederm and eat zinc

Yeah I figured, I would have no problem with seeing a retard wearing makeup because he has acne and can't treat it properly so he just hides it like his depression

and wash your face with this zbozi.cz/vyrobek/mizon-snail-repairing-cistici-pena-na-plet-60ml

>imagine having acne and bad skin

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>clouds are coming in and the temperature is dropping

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jak jde tvůj den?

I do what I can but I can't fight shitty genetics, but thanks for the concern
Yeah there was a really good cream here called acnecolor but it was fucking banned few years ago
>Imagine being under 185 and having a chin of a 13yo chubby boy

>Imagine being under 18

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jak jde tvůj den?

Mě se nic zajímavého nestalo, protože jsem celý den nic nedělal, ale i tak jsem šťastnější jako Sloni

v pohodě

>muh Japanese gf

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