Why is Somalia so fucked up? Is it because of Italy?

Why is Somalia so fucked up? Is it because of Italy?

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Unironically because of Islam.

Other countries don't seem to be as bad as Somalia though, there must be somrthing else.


Btw they are getting less fucked every year.

No, it’s because of somali irredentism. Everything only went to shit after the war with Ethiopia

The history of Somalia had everything to end up tragic, but having Islamists trying to shit on everything doesn't help.

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Because they are an ancap country :^)

the wonders of (((free market)))

Somalis are the niggers of Africa.

Somalis are ultimate Khoisan-Cushitic-Arab-Indian mutts. Oh and their common identity is based only on Islam and belonging to inbred clans . This combination just can't give anything good.

the avg iq of somalia is 68

>bunch of warring states whose destinies are dominated by mercenary armies, religious fanaticism and pure lust for gold

this is how chad nations are born, they'll be aight.

Somali got ruined by goats
Goats made somalia into a desert, they should have used other animals

and this

volatile clan based culture+retard dictator

>It because of Italy


Somalians are very successful in breeding with qts in all scandinavinan countries.

Clan politics

European colonialists.

despite what Jow Forums has taught you, somalis are a very small minority here, and most of them are first generation immigrants so they don't interact with people outside of their clans

>t. expert on somalians

how many somalis have you met?
I used to work in a pharmacy and had the misfortune of interacting with these people daily. but since I know from experience what they are like and your brain can only process memes, to you I might as well be a professor of nignomics

to be honest not so many, but a friend of mine who went to school in the UK told me about them. He said that they are the worst of all because they are:
1. Niggers
2. Muslims
3. Absolutely savage

He gave me an example that during the lesson when the teacher was explaining something, a group of somalis just stood up and went to pray in the corridor instead of learning. Cucked teacher did not say a word while nigs were hitting the floor with their empty heads.

well, let me tell you this. they are dumb as shit, the education level in somalia is like on average 2 years but that's because either you're well-educated or didn't go to school at all. but they generally don't move outside of their clique at all, they have a clan and they stick to it. I have literally never seen a bm/wf couple in real life because somalis just don't associate outside of their clans
but that could also be because I don't live in stockholm where everyone, immigrants included, is a rootless, cultureless retard

>a group of somalis just stood up and went to pray in the corridor instead of learning
Based and allahpilled

Unironically? America destroyed that country. The reason? I honestly don't know since it created a bigger piracy problem.