solitude life is best edition

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hav segs

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So we can all agree that brown people are less evolved for the most part, and many of them are barely even human.

Based, fuck society
Bottom text

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kys Jason


offical thread theme. ignore everyone who disagrees

w*toid fume still in full effect

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fourteen eighty-8

ITT: redpilled moments in american history

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Drum Kameraden

Hört die Parole

the subhuman brown seethe never ends, does it?

I’m vomiting profusely right now bros, I feel like absolute hell. Please help

take a salt tablet

going to eat a snack and then watch some hulu

Did you try to kys?

At the rate I’m vomiting, might vomit up my heart at this point

Go to ER then
Or die
It's up to you to decide

Americunts, care to explain why 13%of your population is in charge of 50% of all crime?

care to explain why russians make up 90% of all ics?

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Why do Jews always answer a question with a question?

Are you drunk or retarded? I'd like to understand who one would type ics instead of alcoholics. Care to explain

I mistyped and deleted the word but hit enter and post before realizing my mistake

Because poor people with no estate in high density areas and a higher required living wage are going to become stressed and desperate.

high IQ post

have you met a single nigger in your life

I've lived in 3 major cities and used to visit Baltimore during the holidays. I've never met a nigger, but I've met plenty of black people.

>I've never met a nigger
mhm, thought so.

Okay, so the other 87% of population do have the estate and higher living wages. What a bullshit.

Time for a shower and a meal


*computer fans turn into a wind tunnel running 4 chrome tabs*

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Yeah, even poor whites own a lot of land in rural areas.

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High rn

you could be sleeping instead like a good boy

>High rn

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halfway through Low
not a fan desu

Get high with me, Placer or OC


how dare you

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>with no estate in high density areas and a higher required living wage
wow yes so terrible. just turrible really


we need to import MILLIONS more poor people every single year so that we can have somebody to pick our crops and mow our lawns so I can save $15

>I don't think these are fortune cookies mr jones!

Not if they all go to Arizona and Texas where there is plenty of cheap land

UMMM sweetie, PLZ refrain from posting such racist caricatures ok thx

It's still hard to wrap my head around that.

Population of the US is about 300 millions, then 13% of population is 39 mil, 45% do own an estate while 55% don't own an estate. 55% of 39 mil is 21.5 mil.

72% is white, or 216 mil, and only 75% do own an estate. 25% or 54 mil don't.

Now compare, 54 mil vs 21.5 mil. Why don't whites commit more crime then? There are like twice as much whites who dont own an estate.

found placers (unsuccessful) tinder

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who are you going to kill when you live 10 miles away from anyone? Now compare that to someone living in the city with a shitty apartment.
Don't say move into a rural area because rural whites aren't going to hire a black man to work

yeah great idea, we'll just set up texas as the dumping ground for the world's trash people. Anyways STUPID comment, they don't stay in Texas or arizona.


would never use br*toid spelling

>who are you going to kill when you live 10 miles away from anyone?

you do groceries, you go to a bank
people have cars, esp those living 10 miles away from every one

it's not 1950 you spastic. most rural types don't mind blacks, for the most part.

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most homicides are do to consistent interpersonal conflicts

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Life in the US is complicated

business idea: call in "sick" tomorrow

How do I (male) measure my waist?

Should I breath in?

Where should I place the tape? Right around the bellybutton?

It's not that difficult. I got three words for you to live by if you ever find yourself living in the United States,
around blacks, never relax.
Listen to me and you'll be fine.

post a pic of your waist and I'll tell you the circumference
preferably with belly included

It's really not. For the most part, the races don't mix that much in their free time and all races tend to live together with their own kind

You live in Russia. 20 years ago your homicide rates were higher than most of the world

Measured 1" above the belly button, that's my thinnest spot. 31" while staying relaxed, tape is kind of loose

All of my jeans are 32"/32" and fit me perfectly

tfw no russian gf

Embracing the shutinpill as we speak

>three words
>around blacks, never relax.

going to watch another episode


>when you decide to rob the wrong store

was a joke. truth is, some blacks are alright, but as with anyone, of any color, always be wary.

>truth is, some blacks are alright
yeah but problem is you never know if they're alright or if they're some indoctrinated white hating wackjob who thinks he'd be a kang back in africa and blames boogeymans for his failures.

so what I'm saying is, around blacks, NEVER relax.

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Men do all of that though

youve OD'd on memes

Generally same applies to chinese, I've seen quite a lot of cheesy chinese.

Twitter replies are like a cult trying to self-affirm themselves.

Have sex, incel

nice whataboutism

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How is that whataboutism it's literally what the picture is about

nah there's plenty of wannabe kangs about. mix it with low black IQ and you've got a recipe for disaster.

t. seething femoid

It's amazing how calm my gas station is despite all of the people that come in. Just the other day there was a white skin head, a rasta, a cholo, and a MtF at the cashier. Never have I seen the police called and I live right across the street

Are you a roastie? fuck sakes bud, the point of the picture is that women can't take criticism.

and it's CLASSIC whataboutism. Instead of discussing the merits of the argument presented, you immediately went "well what about MEN they do things too lol I'm so smert xD"

unedited is better

dystopian nightmare tbqh

No, just Norcal ghetto

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Edge of Sac that turns into redneck area. First transgender person I've seen here too. I bet most came from the bay area since there has been a massive migration over the past 4 years which has killed any roads of being free of traffic.

>redneck area

rancho cordova is all strip malls and slavs
south sac is just mexican farmers and dindus(Grant)
west sac is a shithole but still not redneck in the slightest
nobody lives in north sac because of the airport

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Bath salts more like based salts

Don't slurs get you temp banned from twitter for violating their "community guidelines?"

Rio Linda

nah I think it's kinda like Jow Forums where it's against the rules, but if nobody catches you you'll get away with it.

>Lol women can't do these things lol dumb roasties xd
>what do you mean men do all that omg why so defensive u mad u mad lol can't take criticism

bruh thats fucking suburbia

just because it has ranch houses doesnt make it redneckville

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Yup, classic whataboutism