How common are trans people in your country?

How common are trans people in your country?

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There is only 1 dude wearing woman's clothes. I heard some hookers are trans. I never seen them.

Too fucking many

Only based ones and the cute Felipe.

I know of a dude who cross dresses and legitimately looks like a fat chick. He says he’s a guy though.
So not sure if he’s a Tranny or not

this is joke right?

Weebs are trannies? Who would have thought..

Not very, surprisingly. I've only met a delusional crossdresser like you see on the interwebz once.
But they are trying very hard to make it a thing. That's probably the only good side of having a muslim infestation, it shields us from this garbage somewhat.

I don't know a single example in my country.

And I'm wondering: What's up with this current fad of mental illness? I mean even if what you think is wrong, the mental illness has some perverted rationale to make it appear the right thing to the affected person. So how does that work with trans people? How do they justify going against their innermost biological nature to operate away a central part of their self?

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The majority

I have never met those kinds of people. I only saw them walking by in the street two or three times

That's how.

Too common, and I say that as one.

Fuck I hate my life. Victorian tax payer funded euthanasia when?

I’ve met a few but found them a bit self absorbed as they would try to veer any conversation to themselves or transgendered matters.

If you're not Thai, don't even try.

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one of my college instructors is trans

I hate when they do that, narcissism should be part of the fucking diagnosis.

how is it physically possible for a man to have hips like that?

What went wrong? Why do they need to pretend to be something they aren't? Their men pretend to be female, they pretend to be a first world country, they pretend they are actually from a country they haven't even visited or speak the language of.

would it be gay to shag that

Do you have tit's? How does that feel? Also post boobis. Plis.

This happen in most Places
Trannies are now a global fenomenom

I haven't seen any, I stay inside in my hikikomori cave though

Totally, and you know it.

Not even Thai women have hips like that. It's called implants and injections.

Not in Middle East, Most Asia, Eastern Europe, Whole Africa.

Most trannies are just guys who wear skirt and act flamboyant.

>Not in Middle East
Bull-fucking-shit. Iran is the largest state sponsor of reassignment surgery on the planet.

Very common unfortunately. At least we've got cute ones like Felipe. But most of them are abominations

>Victorian tax payer funded euthanasia when?
sign me up

Iran is a faithful undegenerate islam abrahamic nation, they wouldn't do that.

Very common. A lot of people fuck them on a regular basis

>this same thread every single day

Can you faggots either start HRT or take this shit to /lgbt/?

>As of 2008, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except Thailand. The government provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance, and a sex change is recognized on the birth certificate.
Here is your based Islamic theocracy, faggots.

That's gotta be a lie or forgery. Iran is a faithful undegenerate islam abrahamic nation, they wouldn't do that.

Lmao bruh they practically force you to transition if you’re a gay male

Ok,you are larping bye

>Worst territory doesn't know that the Shia are retarded and the protestants of Islam

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>it's not gay if they don't look like men
based Iranians

Sunni Islam is based on false teachings of Islam. The Quran rightfully tells us sola scripture > all. Iran is a faithful undegenerate true islamic abrahamic nation, they wouldn't do that.

So common to the point that we're sort of Thailand #2
*ahem* 150 meme *ahem*

The quran doesn't say anything about transexuals but it does condemn homosexuals.
By having homos being turned into women they basically circumvent islamic law

I had to guide one through the legal process else I would be fired, still there's an investigation ongoing I will most likely get fired regardless

Thanks for backing me up, bro. Mashallah

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I only have seen one irl in my life and it was disgusting.

Never saw one irl ever.

This is fucking hilarious, the story is basically the same as what we do to young kids now - oh you don't like dresses/want to wear one? Have some hormones up ya

Rare luckily.

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Islam truly is blessed

There was this tranny who get beaten by based algerians. Except this thing, I've never seen another one.

I don't think they exist in Japan.
I have never seen a LGBT person here.
I think we are genetically less gay than the west

Never saw one


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Go to /lgbt/ for top tier triangle tits.

it fucking says china in the title, for fucks sake

>to a Japanese-inspired trend

As to how does it feel? Like anything else it's a body part you get used to it.

Nice when people ogale them desu. The average woman here is such a lardbarge that just because I have a slim build having some meh tits makes a lot of guys have a good look.

Only problem is fucking Betas, I wish they would just fuck off, they tend to think that they in my league, nah mate, even I am too good for you and I am a tranny.

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Fuck you, you Gallic prick

I've hurt my teeth in that shape and there's nothing like this inside. It's not that painful and recover pretty fast, i could bite with it in like a week.

there's nothing stopping you user

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We deal with them once and for all

never heard of any

Impossible. Are thai cosmetic surgeons fucking wizards!?

are there really dudes going to Thailand solely for fucking trannies?

Very uncommon. Russia is the most homophobic country after muslim shitholes.

Japanese inspired trend.

Can someone explain why this website is so obsessed with trannies? do you want to be a girl that bad that they're all you think about?

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they're all coming out of nowhere here. there's tons of them, you know when a new product like the smartphone came out and suddenly everyone had it seemingly overnight? Its like that but with sexuality

I've met only one, a FtM.
She was gross and fat with disgusting pube neckbeard. She was dressed like an extreme stereotype of a college commie. Also she's in some weird degenerate open relationship with a guy and a girl. I have no idea how anyone would want to fuck her.

Pretty rare, they only seems to cry for attention in internet since losers they are.

Luckily they don't exist.

Not many, but fags and lesbians are everywhere. I guess you can't be a cute girl when you have hair in your back

not very

nope this is just normal in america now especially in major cities and you aren't allowed to criticize it in any way

is there some other reason people go there?


I have never seen or met one but I rarely leave the house besides going to work and there aren't any at work

Too common
Also one of the persons in this pic is a tranny, guess which one

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Never seen one. There is one on tv though.

A tranny became Miss Spain iirc

All of them, its a trap.

Just one of them?


Rare and marginal.

Never saw one

Haven't seen a aingle tranny irl, Jow Forums's obsession with them is weird as fuck

single* shit

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americans think that critizicing mental illness is bad and now this shit its spreading all over the globe.

Well looking at Jow Forums you'd think every second person would be one, but I've actually never met one IRL, and I'm in uni.

I've met one in 28 years

Sadly not enough of the cute kind.

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W*man on suicide watch

>men are better than woman at being woman

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most trannies get silicon injections on the hips and legs. It eventually clogs their arteries.