Will you buy the PS5?

It looks futuristic

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I will buy Japan

*009 Soundsytem - Dreamscape starts playing*


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It's not its design.

You should know that you shouldn't take at face value what Brazilian medias say.

thank u proxy takeshi

5000 shekels on release
I don't think so

What's with the cup holder up top?

It's for the American market


My last console was ps2. Since then i moved to PC and never regretted it.
Never going to buy a console again. Especially now that majority of big Jap games come to pc

>A weaboo is fucking off by himself
Good riddance. A weaboo is worse than a Polack.

Same here. I bought PS2 as a cheap DVD player even. I don't understand why anyone still buys a console when most of the games will also ne released on PC anyways.

Fuck off Shahar.
Report ALL Israeli threads with a title that are not international related so Shahar gets banned.

PC is better sure but there are some fantastic exclusives on PS4 and it's actually decent netflix machine

That is just the devkit version,I think it will look more simple when the final product is released

>some fantastic exclusives on PS4
Like a... last of us remaster, days gone, spider man, god of war
All of them are cinematic 3rd person over the shoulder movie games.
All good games nowadays are multiplatform.

I'm a PC gamer.
4K144fps is the best experience.
PS4 is 1080p30fps garbage.
I'm going to play Cyberpunk 2077 with RTX ON.

Horizon: Zero Dawn, uncharted and bloodborne

Yeah and I love cinematic 3rd person story single players games

I still can't afford a PS3

I'll stick with the PC

I bet they will fine a way to milk gaymers with more money with the PS5

You should just pirate the games at this point. I hear the PS3 emulator is coming along nicely.

You realize you will get banned to?
because Ip's are changed

I don't care if we get rangebanned that obsessive psycho is opening multiple threads per day in a recognizable manner and often with the same fucking pictures.
The dude is not fine in his head and thinks he's a fucking white person despite looking like a fat churka.

Now that I checked again I agree that this thread was probably made by Shahar.

>The dude is not fine in his head
I know and that's why you need to take it easy on him.

His threads always have a title, often ending in "?" and it's phrased in a certain way.
Look here, look at all the threads that include hate for Germans/poles/Asians/Arabs etc and at the threads with his face.
What's in common? Title and phrasing.
Going over the rest of the threads with a title you can see lots of them are US related.
He is clearly very very obsessed with
-being white
-hating other groups
-the United States
-getting lots of attention
Most of the threads opened by an Israeli poster are his and those who aren't his are usually easy to tell apart because they contain anime or have no title and/or more text in the opening post.