Germans make fun of Americans for clapping after movies

>Germans make fun of Americans for clapping after movies
>Bang on their desks like monkeys after class


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Lmao do you clap after movies?

I personally don't but every German I know knocks on their desk after class.

It's like clapping, and it actually makes sense as a sign of respect for the teacher.

it happens pretty often but only if the ending isn't shit

Wait, Brazilians do this too? How deep does this go?

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It isn't funny when they all do it synchronized while bellowing Arbeit Macht Frei

it's just a german thing

Nah, but I knew that Germans did it, and it's not really that weird.
I find clapping after movies/plane landing weirder.


after we watched avenger endgame we clapped the shit out of that movie. It was like a 5 minute standing ovation

i watched a danish comedy show recently and the audience always clapped in unison
even if they start randomly, they sync themselves up after a few seconds
it's fucking weird

go home Jayson


>banging on desks is a sign of respect for the teacher
lmao ok

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it's called stormester
you get a taste at the end here
it's like that every time, the longer it goes on the more synced it gets

Yeah that's kinda American-like

Unlike a movie, where nobody who produced the movie is usually present, somebody who gave a good lecture or a good speech deserves some praise.

Pretty sure it's a Dutch thing, not German

>but every German I know knocks on their desk after class.
huh? never heard of this before.

The Germans are just mad because we completely abandoned them. Merkel didn't think she needed the US and Trump's help, so Trump essentially handed her a $300 billion bill for services rendered over the past 30 years. Other countries know they need Trump's help as we move into a new age / planetary structure. Theresa May offered Trump two of the UK's brand new super-carriers to sail with our Navy, as well as sharing British intelligence. Xi Jinping knew Trump wasn't going to help him from the start, so he played his best hand and helped Trump in getting North Korea to rejoin the world/South Korea. This whole trade war thing with China is just a show to make Trump look good after us wining the trade war. Abe Shinzō agreed to make a $500 investment in the US's economy. The list goes on, except Merkel and Germany are just plain stupid. Germany is so fucked. Their economy is seriously going to implode. Deutsche Bank will destroy all of Europe. That's why Brexit will happen. Trump will help the UK moving forward since the UK showed it's dedication to join the US and not stay with the EU.

So, yeah. If I was German, I would be going full-retard too. They are so insanely fucked it's not even funny, but fuck them. They deserve it. I was kind of hoping Germany would keep the streak going and start WW3. That way we could just utterly annihilate that shit hole.

Is that a copypasta, or does anyone actually believe the horse shit written in that post?

>Abe Shinzō agreed to make a $500 investment in the US's economy.

>reading american posts

To protect the professor from bad luck

Why do Americans clap when the plane lands?


Where ever I've clapped I've always clapped in unison with others. Is that really weird?

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its not banging. its knocking. its not as loud and obnoxious as a whole lecture hall clapping.

we do it a lot too.

You don't clap in unison?

Mate they clap after the plane lands too lmao

We only really do that here in situations where theres pressure, like someone taking a free kick or jumping off something