Why isn't singapore a popular tourist destination...

why isn't singapore a popular tourist destination? it's practically the most advanced city in the world and makes hong kong look like detroit

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If I don't have steady access to chewing gum I become a 10 pack chain smoker

It's just airport with shopping malls, still more interesting than Dubai tho

This. Hong Kong is peak soul.

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It's so tiny. People only go there for education/business, not for tourism.

It seems tropical, which I'm not a fan of. Give me T E M P U R A T E please

What's wrong here? Vibrant community living together

it actually has infrastructure unlike Dubai, overrated shit

to me it looks incredibly fake, like they built all that stuff 10 years ago or something. Also I have shopping malls right here, I don't need to go to the other side of the planet to visit one

based thirdie slums

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why are authoritarian countries so much cleaner and first world?

popular to casino tourist
they go there just to lose all of his money

Isnt that Macao

Doesn’t seem that interesting save for materialist muh shopping shit.

HK is a crowded, expensive, moldy shithole

Fuck off there's nothing to see here

>why isn't singapore a popular tourist destination?
>The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 ranks Singapore 13th out of 136 countries overall, which was the third best in Asia only behind Japan (ranked 4th) and Hong Kong (ranked 11th).
That said any tourist who comes here is a fool.

They had 15 million tourists last year while their population is 5.6 million