Faces of int

Show your selfie

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Shahar you are beautiful

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Is it because you are a 3/20 on the scale of handsomeness if you are so bitter, Shahar ?

I went to the beach today

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only Israeli bvlls have that kind of unibrow

Holy shit brown people are ugly.

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A fellow man of culture

You're brown.

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Why do you keep posting your face, Shahar.

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He wants to be famous here

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How the fuck wasn't he found yet?

You’re the ugliest person ITT after Shahar

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You look underage
get the fuck out of here
what do you mean by "found"m his address?

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Shahar yesterday was your last day here. Leave

Rate my t shirt instead

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you have feminine body

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Damn, that's an attractive jaw. That man needs to work out and he'll get all the ladies.

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I wonder how much soap could be made when I look at you. Any German user here to give some expertise on this matter?

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he doesnt need to workout

do poles even use soap?

no, we produce it for exports to Israel


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Bulgarian Gorilla

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You look Finnish.

what an ugly little floor sleeping gook you are

DRAVIDIAN BVLL tells gookshit where is his place. Redpilled af


>what an ugly little floor sleeping gook you are

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Show your belly

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Hot af! Show feet.

>that face
>calling people ugly


Smelly boifeet ^^

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I'd totally kiss your belly and massage your feet. No homo btw.


100% finn yes
these are me

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>posting current face
>not posting childhood picture

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