What damage have boomers done to your country?

What damage have boomers done to your country?

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> i freaking HATE boomers bro

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Housing market and investment properties, voting hard liberal and propping up oligarchs.

>Arrrgh, is there any party left in this country that you can vote for that hasn't fallen for the global warming scam?!

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They keep voting for erdog because of their "waaaahhh old times were so bad, look we have roads n bridges n shit now"

Absolute damage. They fucked argentina (Peronists and anti-Peronists).

It’s just about incoming. Large unjustified pensions that are supposed to be paid by people barely making a living that are far less in number than the old folk.

Literally fucked my country. Voted Thief, Chinese cock sucker, another thief.
Since 90s boomers fucked our country and now blaming young generation too lazy or migrating other countries.

Made the country dependant on natural resources while at the same time squandered all the wealth generated by them

>fucked the economy
>fucked nbn
>fucked the environment
>vote the party that did all this damage again and again because the newspapers tell them to.
I hate old people.

The biggest act of self harm a nation has willingly committed

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Voted for Aliyev in 1993 and 2003

Destroyed the housing market

Also in 1998

>bwaaaah they were forced
They weren't
In 1993 after Aliev came to power we lost 6 regions

Kek seething remoaner much?

Everything wrong in nz is because of the boomers and Asians


lmfao rekt how will I recover???

pretty much the exact same as and

bought out the government and undermined our institutions to pass policies that make them more money

They didn't do anything here unless you're a weird poltard virgin who seethes that women and minorities both exist and have rights.

Grow up. You aren't entitled to a free house. People need motivation to work, what's better than that? It makes more sense than working all your life to pay off student loans anyway

How do I make sure ðis is not VPNigger?

this and political echo chambers like fox news

Mostly became wealthy from a time when the US economy was booming, and now hold a decent portion of wealth. Voted for retarded candidates that made them hold onto the wealth while fucking over everyone else. Complains how the US is no longer an industrial power house and slowly losing its dominance in world power because nations are finally able to rebuild after WW2 and others become modernize. Revels in the idea that wealth inequality is good, despite it being easier to accumulate wealth once you have it. Unironically believes "pulling up by the bootstraps" is the only way to achieve wealth. Doesn't believe people are born into disadvantage situations

Why should the boomers get to buy a house for little cost, have it rise in price to impossible levels while the next generation can hardly afford to move out on their own?

Fuck you boomer apologist, not every body wants to slave away their whole life. The only reason why people get student loans is cause boomers fucked the job market too

>man, I wish houses were as cheap as they were in the 70s

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Britain won’t lmao

shut the fuck up boomer

this. boomers sucked on lady liberties tits so hard she aint got enough for us now

they chose communist party back again in free election right after communism has fallen apart

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Tho worst they could have done

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Voted left for so long to inflate housing market and asset prices while they bought all through the 80s and 90s, mass immigration, vote to keep retirement benefits. In 1991 my mom was 34 years old, her new job required a BSc plus 3-5 years experience. She was paid 105,000 in today's money. Her first home was 3bd costing 140k in today's money. She was given full benefits and pension for her and family. Generous vacation time.

Today her job (she recently retired) is 4-6 month contract, pays 55k/yr, the same house costs 360k and the job has no benefits.

Your neighbour winning the lotto doesn't mean your entitled to winning it too.
> the next generation can hardly afford
Complete lie. Unironically just stop being lazy
>not every body wants to slave away their whole life
God you are so entitled you have no idea

>She was paid 105,000 in today's money. Her first home was 3bd costing 140k in today's money
You actually think this is sustainable or normal?

not if you flood the country with shitskins no

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Inflated the housing market
Destroyed our manufacturig industry
Mass immigration
Allowed Scottish nationalism to take hold which will eventually break up the country
Surrened to the IRA

Brazil used to be a respectable country before they became adults, this explains everything you need to know.

my father there.
he only cares about the fucking roads

>Allowed Scottish nationalism to take hold which will eventually break up the country
and it's going to happen even faster now because of the mess brexit is causing.

Thanks Boomers


they mortgaged our future by voting for gibs and leftists and now they get to call us lazy scum
One crazy bitch neighbor in particular used to call me in the middle of the night to give me life advice while she lives in squalor, swimming in a sea of cat hair. When I dared to decline her unsolicited and unearned wisdom as kindly as possible, she immediately called my parents at 1AM to complain about my "terrible manners".

Oh and she used to collect around 1700 euro pension from her public sector office job where she did nothing.

>Oh and she used to collect around 1700 euro pension from her public sector office job where she did nothing.

Greek as fuck

Stop crying zoomer. That was the best decision your country has made in quite some time.


You won't be bound by laws made by people who do not represent you.
You will be sovereign while the rest of the EU might lose its culture and freedom by merging into a grotesque supranational state.

The laws are made and voted on by elected officials the UK has sent. If some dumb fuck sent a waste of oxygen like UKIP and then moaned about stuff they didn't like happening it's their own fault. We have always been sovereign and able to make our own laws and the UK government has confirmed this but keep falling for it Nige.

Not all of the elected officials are British. Every member country sends their own elected officials. The amount of the British officials is not very big compared to all the others. 2014 you send 73 while there were 678 officials from other countries. This does not seem very sovereign to me.


ruin one of the best vcountry on earth to allow their king lifestyle until they die on the back of younger generation.

Birthed the z*omer generation

Parties are always elected for people that they don't represent. That's what the the european parties are for where similar parties group together, it is no different to how things work in most parliaments.

The UK has the best "sovereign" deal in Europe. No schengen, no euro, a veto, access to the single market. What real sovereignty will look like is when we can't influence things for our benefit so we will literally end up as rule takers to the EU instead of rule makers like we are now.

It's a massive waste of time because the demographics have us in being back in around 10 years, if the EU still exists, but with none of our benefits from before. Colossal waste of time, money, and global reputation.

>t. 16 year old with rich parents

today’s boomers are fucking up our country this very instant, and considering that the majority of kids buy into all of their bullshit, it’s only going to get worse

Literally destroyed it

But it's okay, because they're paying for it

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>But it's okay, because they're paying for it
that's what they want you to think

even without gorbachev the USSR wouldnt have survived, the chinese had deng xiaoping to reform them but you had nothing

Literally everything.

>let the army cuck them because muh communist plot
>in the process make sure that their children become actual socialists at the uni and infect the academia

Housing market, social security, and to a degree both workers rights and healthcare

Literally ate the rotten corpse of France and left nothing, 60-70s in France was probably better than in the US in terms of freedom

boomer as fuck*
Not him, but they sold our futures, and our children's futures, and the children of our children's futures too.
And they did that, just so that they can spend money on whores, booze, food and SUVs.
They deserve to be sent to gulags and work themselves to death.

>Complete lie. Unironically just stop being lazy

lol, kill yourself

he's a boomer trying to justify his shitty generation

The parties may be similar but may still have their own national interests. On top of that a country with 6 seats could give all of them to one party, while a country with more seats could easily cancel them and their political interests out by voting for a couple of officials from a party with opposite interests.

I agree the UK looks like it has a pretty good deal inside the EU compared to the other countries. And economy is great and important but I'd argue it's not the most important. I wish the EU would exist as a purely economical union without the Parlament, I'd have less of a problem with that.

What was the option besides voting thief?

The eternal boomer.
They created the most organized, corrupt, anti-christian, anti-romanian state possible.
They sold off everything, from physical structures to strategic information. They spent 30 years of absolutely making sure this country has no future except as a poor slave, no development, no grand plan.
We're ruled by secret services who in turn are ruled by slaves to other countries.
They destroyed national unity, communities, romanian ethnonationalism, romanian orthodoxism, everything has been corrupted and raped into a lie.
Our economy will collapse, the public sector consumes more money than it can tax, our pension system is extremely bloated and can't legally be reduced. Public sector employees retire in their 40's with 2000-3000 euros per month pension, while everybody else works well into their 70's with 300-400 pension

Romania is, globally, the 2nd country, after Syria, in % loss of people.
A country with no war, in the EU and NATO, has numerically more people leaving than a literal dictatorial poor civil war shithole in the middle east.

Do i really need to say anything

They handed the future of the country to third worlders.

I would prefer it remain an economic union too, but the way the world is now the individual EU countries can't compete against China or the US who do not have our best interests at heart. Russia doing it's thing as well is also an easy pickings for smaller EU countries.

what can be done to make Romania attractive to keep Romanians in as well as EU migrant workers?

>Romania is, globally, the 2nd country, after Syria, in % loss of people.
I don't know what period you're reffering to but since 1990 countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria (in this order) lost even more of their population
there's nothing you can do, Poland has much higher life quality than Romania and we still can neither keep poles in nor attract people from other eu countries. It won't change in at least next 2 decades, only hope is third country nationals or we'll end up like our eastern neighbours

>They destroyed national unity, communities, romanian ethnonationalism, romanian orthodoxism
user, all those things are associated With Boomers. Boomers are the ones constantly vilified for supporting those things. Most of the stuff you complain about applies more to millennials and zoomers.
>muh pensions
Most pensions are really crappy, even for people who worked for the public sector. You do have those like judges and prosecutes that have huge pensions but they are a special category. Stop falling for the pensions vs workers media bs.

People believe whatever alarmist nonsense they see on the internet. Still immigration from Romania is pretty bad.

What was the thing that went so wrong with boomers? Everyone seems to hate them.

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Punishment or prison time, Instead of giving them visa to Canada. Full of юм үзээгүй хyлгaйчyyд.

They kept voting Merkel

They grew up in the last period of sustained economic growth. It lead them to having a "let them eat cake" attitude which makes them insufferable to the younger generations.

Notice how only countries with democracies are crying in this thread.

People are selfish as fuck, and with voting power, it turns into a tyranny of the majority situation. Boomer tyranny.

>they chose communist party back again in free election right after communism has fallen apart
They did the same here, and continue to give them 20-30% at every election.

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fucked the economy, but not like all the delicate sheltered firsties on this thread, I'm talking going from wealthy cunt to owning the title of "massive crash every decade, don't trust the positive signs"
although that was started by the previous gen, they one upped them

>built shitty things that suck
>take out loans that cannot be repaid just to finance their well being
>vote for shitty parties
>raised a shitty generation
>stopped the building of an water power plant
>adopted slave mentality
>adopted communist work ethics
>spread retarded boomer tier conspiracy theories
>ruined historical reenactment and traditions

Voted socialism after the military junta ended, ruined the economy with populist economic measures, still trying to destroy the country by doing protests against social security reforms.

Because boomer nationalism is fucking gay.

>boomer nationalism: X people control the country! If we killed them, we would have nice things! Also I will support this organisation just to show that I am not part of that X people!
It's all fake and gay and it's only for projection.

>Normal nationalism: yay I am Romanian! I will work hard and make Romania a good place to live in, because my fathers died for this land and it's my duty to give my children a prosperous Romania, where it's good to live. Yay I love to be Romanian. I like our tradions and music, but I also like German music and I don't think that our culture is anyway shape of form inferior compared to others.
That was a bit cringe, but boomer nationalism is rooted in hatred, while good natinalism is rooted in love.

They also vote for Linke and AfD.
Most young people vote SPD and Greens.
Just like here, if only people under 30 voted we would've had a coalition of Greens and SPÖ for decades.



Global Day of the Pillow when?

look for what you can do
not who to blame