Red is soul

red is soul

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reminder that Sardinia isn't It*ly, have a good day.

Blue/Green/Grey whatever that colour is, is unironically top tier. Red is Africa tier.


Cope, we are soul

>we are soul

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reminder that sicily wasn't considered Italy for half of its existence

>we are the actual italians

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lmao where's this from?

>N-Naples is a white ethnostate
Cope more

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>sunday morning
>already flinging shit to each other

have sex for the love of god

green is the powerhouse of europe
red is manlet dalmatia with mafia

what the fuck? it was not and is not considered as an Italy until today.

Italy = the Shoe. Sicily = the shit. which shoe is kicking.

>wanting to be wh*te
All whites are faggots, we are MED BVLLS
Also cope

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Cope of the highest grade

you don't normally kick shit though you disgusting depraved scat-loving germoid trash

Pizza, Pasta, Nigga

this is who calls you terrone

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Cope of the highest cope

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Liguria is the most soul

Ligurians are the worst people in Italy.

Almost every muslim is called Mohamed, Pasquale
If you have two Mohammed, and then 8 Rossi, Verdi, Bianchi and so on Mohammed will still be the "most common" surname despite being a minority
Terroni really have a problem with stuff like numbers and percentages

Ligurians are terroni in the north thats why i like em


Why are Italians so racist?

slanderous lies.

Anglo is more racist than Italian

im saving this as a copypasta.
This is the best cope ive ever seen
Btw Mohammed and Hu are the most common surnames, not only mohammed

sei italiANO?

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>percentages too hard me no understand

Fuck off gook

Vieni a Bari



t. arse-ravaged smelly farmer

ITT: seething terroni

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My favorite region of italy? Puglia of course

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> Rome
> North


I like playing as them in Crusader kings

Racism is just a side-effect of localpatriotism. You hate your neighbouring cities the most, then it just spreads out to the others, diminishing slightly radially

red is cringe and all it deserves is a nuclear holocaust except for maybe apulia

torna a casa, oronzo

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Foggia is most beautiful city in italy

where did all these p*gliese rats come from?

My Southern Italian fratelli, leave the polent*ni and unite with mother Greece

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>they don't live in Friuli

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looks boring

Why are Italians so bad at driving?

Define bad.
If following rules means bad ok I'm with you.

long live souf

Μεγάλη Ἑλλάς

red is extention of Albanian

>Italian roads

t. collection of extension

Shut up terrone

holy cringe

we still have one of the lowest car crash rates in Europe

Di dove sei?

From your mom's pussy

no pugliesi or dogs allowed on this site



Cope. Northern italian women prefer terroni chads

Okwambe please

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I want to live in Italy instead this god forsaken hellhole. Sad thing that I'm unemployed NEET so I can probably never move to Italy.

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if by soul you mean shit

No they're not they dont chuck bananas at black people

if by shit you mean soul

stay seething incel

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We are based af

2IQ post

t.Lorenzo Oshewimbue

>chucking bananas at people who are born and raised here is le based
-1IQ post

>people who are born and raised here are italians just like me, ethnicity doesnt matter we are all one race, the human race
-2 IQ actual immigrant cope post of someone who spends his days on 4chin projecting at southern italians

>people STILL haven't figured out what the most based region of Italy is

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seethe more banana chucker

What even happens in the eastern coast of Italy? Aside from Venice I mean. I’ve only been to the NORF, Rome and Naples

nothing, the sea is shit.

Yes. North Italians are republicucks. South Italians are Monarchads

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>brown hands typed this post

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>implying Rome is north
The cope is real

Reminder there is an actual NIGERIAN here who thinks he is superior to southern italians

both are soul in their own way, stop fighting italibros

Both beautiful

So many seething northcucks in here.

SOUL overdose

>no Central Italy
shit tier

"soul" was made up by non-whites who didn't have anything real that was good to have something nice to say about themselves

yeah thanks for the bland cheap furniture and turkish meatballs Sweden.


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