God bless Americanized Muslims

God bless Americanized Muslims.

Why are haven't you guys taken the muslimah-pill yet?

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too big for my taste

>Americanized Muslims
Do they even make the bomb vests of that size?


whats with all the recent mena woman shilling lately

>Americanized muslims
She's no longer a muslim, it makes no difference than getting an average latin gf.
A true muslimah-experience means an Allah fearing Hijab wearing qt

I want to fuck her mouth

all beurettes bound to breed baby that makes TCHIIIIIIP noises

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They’re hot. I’m Mexican and I think Levantine girls are the hottest there are.

>only fw Latinos
Too bad she is built like a hippo, I wouldve enjoyed her Arab pussy

>im not latian
wut?? she looks typical latina

It's just that one Chicano who is learning Arabic
Cringe takfiri

>Americanized Muslims

They are not muslims if they love America.

Why ? Saudi love the US

You met a lot of Latinas my friendly English teacher?

I'm going to go with the professionals when it comes to Muslims and agree with the French flag poster.

Too bad MENA WOMEN like BLACK BVLLS ONLY, Br*wn boi.

Cope, BLACK BVLLS will seminate all BEURETTE WOMEN


Muslims love and lick the boots of whoever gives them the most money. Which would be, for quite a lot of them, Burgerstan.

You could say that about any group tho

>main display picture
>trying to wear something "sexy"
>show a bit of leg and chest
>make the most vapid, sluttiest face possible
>throw in a bit of tongue for extra sluttiness
>snapchat filter
I don't give a fuck about her ethnicity or other background details, this is more than half of the profiles that you'll see on dating apps. They act like the dumbest sluts that they can be, then whine about only being good for getting a dick slung up them. I realise that not all women fit this archetype, but the amount of them that do is staggering. They really are idiots.

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Maybe so, but mudshits' holier-than-thou attitude must be corrected whenever it is spotted. My autism demands it.

She's perfect and plump.

>big Mena titties
>Big Mena lips
>thicc Mena thighs to squeeze the shit out of you while wrapped around your face

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Lol. I'm not going to lie. Women in your country are insanely beautiful. Pls keep sending them here

>already on tinder being a whore
A whole generation of women down the drain.

Ahh, muh dick.

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what app?

They're learning the American way ;)