What hobby nerds in world do on their free time?

In Korea, pc game is not only for, but also for really many people. Reading comic books is a little nerd hobby in Korea.

Of cause there will be nerds in whole world, and what is their hobby usually?I like pc game, and drawing, and many hobby which I can do alone. I like watching national Geography also.

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exploding and allah akbaring

Video games and anime, I guess.

Anything that is to be done alone and requires a long term commitment and lots of knowledge is a nerd hobby.

Exploding?I cant understand the word mean haha

There are many people in Korea who like anime but people think nerd like anime in Korea too

Anime n video game

Nerd hobby which need lots of knowledge will be helpful maybe.

All world is same haha.

I want this to be released in Canada already, I wanna kms

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I saw this poster maybe before. I saw animation which have similar drawing with this poster. 'Your name' It was really popular in Korea and many people watched it. Even not nerd people

I listen to music all day and play video games,I go to the gym too and I'm interested in guns and tobacco (but I don't smoke or own a gun)

Going gym is not nerd hobby maybe. I only played FPS games but it will be cool studying about guns

They were both directed by the same person.
I used to play Sudden Attack alot in elementary school lol

Yeah I know the director. Many Korean people expected the poster animation. It is not nerd anime haha
Sudden attack is now too difficult LOL. People are really good at it

I tried to find the torrent for it, no luck. Canadian release is early 2020.

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Sorry to hear that T.T I only watched 'Your name' and it was good. I wanna watch the anime also

Games and Marvel movies and anime

It's Shinkaishit user, you've already seen it

Trailer looks so good

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I thought every people like Marvel movies. It is too popular haha

Now I watched the Trailer it is amazing! It will soon released in Korea at October. I really expect it

When are you going to discuss politics?

I like discussing politics but Jow Forums people dont know about east asia politic well

Thread is friendly and nice,let's keep politics out of this.

Haha Thanks you :) glad to hear that

Now that the whole country is heated on the scandals of the soon-to-be minister of justice, are you not going to ask if similar issues take place in other countries and what Jow Forums think about them?

I think it is important issue but I think now Korea statement is really bad and there are more important news, like Jisomia, and hydrogen fluoride. I was really tired about thinking now Korea situation so I will think about good and happy things

I play the harmonica. Mainly to help me deal with the stress in my job and it's easy to carry anywhere. Just hate it when random people stop and listen and expect me to throw a fucking concert for them. Doing it for myself, not for them.

Enjoy it friend, maybe Ill find some Korean torrent

Wow harmonica sounds really good hobby. You play it for yourself?It will be reduce stress I guess

Haha I hope you enjoy it soon :)

Yea, mainly when I'm at parks or do some small hiking. A few times in the street but that gets annoying with other people and a few times when I'm really angry\stressed at the parking lot of my job.

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What pc games do you recomend\like?

why is this thread so nice?

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Playing harmonica in park will be really nice. I heard parks in US is really big and have good landscape

Haha I really laughed. You will watch it soon

I am bored to death and looking for a fresh game to play on pc.
Indie games with deep elaborated mechanics welcome.

I like pubg, star craft 2, rainbow six(I try it recently.) Korean really like pubg and star craft. Fortnite is not popular in Korea, but I like fortnite, and Apex is really difficult so I cant enjoy it

Katana zero,hotline miami,team fortress 2 payday 2

The image is really cute ٩(^ᴗ^)۶
In Korea, many people dont enjoy indie games, but I wanna try indie games. But I am afraid about virus and my note book is bad T.T

I live in california, everything is expensive but it has some of the best national parks.

I saw the movie yesterday, it's worth the wait.

I heard that California national parks are really good. I love national Geography and I really wanna go national park someday.

marry me

I am not into side scrollers and shooters.
But not bad recomendation.

>But I am afraid about virus and my note book is bad T.T
Those usually are not very demanding games and Virus is not an issue for it either since you buy them the same way as other games just over steam.

>In Korea, many people dont enjoy indie games,
Because they are insectoid normies and not people.

Now I have a reason to live

I see a lot of koreans\French constantly at the national parks. Also why do koreans take pictures of every little thing?

Recommend me some manga since you are into drawing.

Haha thanks you
wow maybe those are worth to play in my notebook

haha you really know Koreans. Koreans like insta or facebook, so we Korean really like to take photo and upload on their sns. It is evidence that we went there.
manga?I like death note. Do you know it?

I like drawing animals in national geography. I draw different races of people because different races have really differ skull. I like drawing politicians like Trump, Obama.

>we Korean really like to take photo and upload on their sns. It is evidence that we went there.
Yea I can understand that but why a picture of a rock? Or a small dried leaf? And not just one but multiple pictures of small little things.

Curious, can you post some of your drawings?

Wow you really know correctly about Koreans. When spring, many Koreans take photo of small flowers, and dried leaf. I prefer taking photo of whole landscape but maybe they like taking photo of those. Even in Korea travel book, the book say that Koreans really like taking photo when they travel. I think maybe there is cultural differ. In Korea there is no wide landscape, so we usually watch small flower and leaf. Maybe people who live which have wide landscape will see differently

Wargame Red Dragon

Other than anime and video games, some weird hobbies like taking photo of trains for absolutely no reason for every single day of their life, driving cars around without any reason, singing one person karaoke or something

I guess that makes sense, thanks for the answer.

okay I will find some drawing. I am shy because i am not good at

Probably better than what is posted here in terms of worthwhile images, so feel free.

taking photo of trains is not weird I think. it can have quite good result
it is my drawing. I made it with color paper

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Didnt that KyoAni arsonist have wierd train obsession

Doesn't look all that exciting senpai desu chap lad.

And I like animals being together.

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>some weird hobbies like taking photo of trains
This is not weird. It's the hobby of the cultured man.

And I like wild animal running. It looks cool. I do not draw detail. I just draw roughly

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Don't you guys have simulators to satisfy such needs?

Really cute character ^0^

this is neat

Thanks you ^0^ glad to hear that.

That too.
Also whole miniatur reconstructions of popular trains and their routes: youtube.com/watch?v=ZIU92MjZV0U

They are cute, you should definitely try traveling to some national parks if you ever get the opportunity.

Thanks you. I really wanna go national park someday so I draw wild animals.

I really wish I could live and work in Germany for at least a year, just to experience true German autism. It would be glorious.

Which parks? What countries interest you the most? I'm curious where most koreans like to visit.

Meh this way you won't experience anything.
In rl germans are shy about such hobbies. Nobod wants to seem weird.
You need way longer to get actually personal with one to really discover the pleasure of autism.

>In rl germans are shy about such hobbies.
Why? How do you meet like minded people or have friends if people don't know what you like?

I really wanna see wild wolf so I wanna go Yellowstone National Park. But most Korean don't like wild nature like me. They like taking photo of Golden Gate Bridge, or Statue of Liberty or university like Harvard or Stanford. I cant understand why they like there. My friends bought t-shirts at those university

Reading ancient sumerian cunieform tablets, as also reading old texts in general.

Wow it sounds really difficult @[email protected] is not nerd hobby it is really smart hobby @.@

>How do you meet like minded people or have friends if people don't know what you like?
By following your passion. You will meet them on the way.

This the former bavarian Ministerpresident and current minister of inner affairs.

There are places here that have rescue injured or abandon wolf's that you can get close to them or are used to people but in the wild it's quite rare to see them, they are very shy and park rangers pretty much make sure they stay away from tourist areas.
It's good that you are interested in nature compared to say San francisco.

Well at least thanks to you I got a small sample of at least my YouTube recommend ed list will be flooded with trains.

Wow it will be amazing if I see wolf get closed. The park will be really big so I cant see wolf if I just go to there. Thanks for information
At national park, I can watch other wild animals ? In Korea, only we can watch squirrel.

Can you at least give me a few stories of German autism you have seen?

not really.

>At national park, I can watch other wild animals
If you are very, very lucky or maybe if you go camping but park rangers don't want wolf's or bears get used to people, they could attack people for the food they bring or get shot by scared people.

You see mostly birds, insects, small animals, snakes, etc.

Fine, keep them to yourself.

It will be scared if they attack me ( ˃̣̣̥᷄˂̣̣̥᷅ ) Maybe if I go US, I will find other way which you recommend me
I wanna see birds and small animals. But snakes will be danger @.@

You get used to it, was more afraid of falling down and breaking my leg when hiking than snakes. Thanks for the thread and the conversation, I'm going to sleep my friendly korean. Have a good rest of the day.

Korean why are you so nice reeee

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Wow it sounds quite danger. Anyway you have good night too!
Really cute character ^0^ Just I feel good today :)