we wuz kangz edition

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is it Moscow on the pic?

No,Arabian nights
(I would love to visit Moscow though)

شو الفرق بين الديليفري ورأيك
الديليفري منطلبه

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I had the same thought

إتفرجوا على Kung Fury.

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i hate it when people finish watching a film three seconds ago and immediatly recommend as if people haven't watched it already.

اعمل ثريد ولا مفيش حد

>Time to go home
>Enter a taxi
>Old woman is sitting close to me
>I could see she was exhausted from walking under the sun
>Some generic niqab woman with her goblin comes in
>I get out to make her sit in the middle (Rule is always either : 2 men 1 woman and vice versa)
>She tells me she can't sit next to me
>What about that grandma? Do you want her to sit in the middle?
>Muh islam
>Piss off and find another taxi then
Why do m*slims think their opinion matter? LMAO

انا مبحبكمش

virgin murtad v chad niqabi

>Rule is always either : 2 men 1 woman and vice versa
How else would it be? 3 of the same kind? What's the problem with this?


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There is nothing chad about her, I went home and she kept waiting under the sun
>Sitting next to a man is enough to make my pussy itch, better not sit next to him.
The absolute state of salafi larpers, it's not like niya exists or anything.

When there is two genders sitting in the back of a car, it's always two women/men sitting next to each others and one man/woman in one of the corners (we avoid letting elderly in the middle as well because of how uncomfortable it is for them).

Ah fhmt

Tariq ibn ziyad was a nordic man.

>Arabian nights

Do people in your cunt actually celebrate the birthday of muhammed?

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why is minecraft so popular again?

Because that's what Allah (cCc) intended it to be.

Yes, kids buy firecrackers, families prepare tamina(fried semolina+butter+honey dessert), make a circle of henna in their hand, sometimes their feet as well and leave a candle in a corner of the house at night.

Salem Aleykum brothers. Fuck you arabs. I hope you'll get engulf in flames of hell


>imitating the kuffar
it's kind of embarassing 2bh and definitely bid'ah


why is paying respect to your prophet bad? I can't ask this question irl to my friends because I think it'd be insensitive.

Based fuck Arabs

you're an arab


self-hating arab incel.

because it's an innovation in the religion imitating the christians celebrating the birthday of Isa, the prophet himself never celebrated his birthday why should we?


People in my country will celebrate pic related.

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I see... thanks.

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>because it's an innovation in the religion imitating the christians celebrating the birthday of Isa, the prophet himself never celebrated his birthday why should we?
Muhammad himself ﷺ declared the Qur'an was revealed in 7 forms (dialects) of Arabic which didn't prevent *thman from destroying all but one written version of it. So much for araps' piety.

Hello,I just woke up from my nap,I was very tired,how are you all

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that looks like a coughed up hairball on my computer. lole

Incel fag

Against underaged summerfags.

why so rude?

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They do celebrate here too. People take a day off from their jobs, some men and women partying and dancing, etc...

personally me and my my family don't celebrate it because like the other user said, it's bid'ad

I want to destroy the mickey mouse waffle maker so bad.

>mickey mouse waffle maker
nigga what?

don't be racist. and it's a thing that makes waffles look like mickey mouse. we got it from jcpenny.

Im following the thread flow

Here's the /egy/ bunker

>jc penny
are those still around i thought they all closed in 2002

I invite any and all "no fun allowed" puritans to suck on my cock.

Hello friends. I have come to inform my fellow Müslüman brethren on where to invest. As you may have already heard, VW is openning a factory in Plovdiv and Bulgaria has seen an economic boom in the recent years. If you want to invest, Bulgaria is the best place I assure you. Especially the cities of Plovdiv, Varna, and Sofia. This post I wrote especially for my Saudi brothers. Bulgaria is an investment paradise. Also taxes are extremely low.

Incel freak

Kys faggots

>he doesn't support banning birthdays
>he doesn't support banning Christmas

we say happy holidays now, it makes the boomer extra livid.

>oh no, the murtad doesn't respect my religious opinion
ask your creator for forgiveness, it's not too late my friend

Fuck Christmas, fuck "holidays".

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>Noooooooooo that's bid'ah, your only supposed to follow my version of Islam

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why do muslims hate each other?

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>unironically discussing Islam in 4channel

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>>probably only watched the anime adaption

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After finishing the anime I just read a tldr about what happens to her in the latest chapters and after that didn't really feel like reading manga

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Incel redditor


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Is that actually in the manga?

yes, one of the new chapters

for once I had fun catching up with what happened in my thread.
wacky business.

Incel fuck

Not as powerful as SEA eid il fitri. It could last one whole month.


I have an online gf

I mean I don’t give a fuck about criticising the mentally ill these days but there was a niqabi in the Netherlands who complained since the laws oppress her freedom to wear niqab she now no longer can file a report to the police. Anyways insulting them is like insulting a drunk man, her retarded family and/or goblin made her retarded as well. I am a bit high so carefree.

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Here we go again..
Hezbollah fired a few anti tank missiles and started fires

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Incel manlet

so the angel Gabriel in the bible tells Mary that she'll be birthing the SON OF GOD, yet when Gabriel is filling Mohamed's head with the knowledge that makes up the Qur'an, he tells him that God had no son. Why would Gabriel lie? Unless...
>And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14

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I'm 1.8m.

Incel cuck

I couldn’t post my nose I was busy

Incel mouthbreather

Technically the word used for "son of God" is "pais" which can also mean "servant of God".

Sorry I got carried out and forgor myself for a moment
Accepts my apologies

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They're whining right now about how the IDF is responding by firing at Hezbollah targets
>Bam bam look at our military might!
>Oh no you can't fire back at us

I breathe through my mouth yes where else am I supposed to breathe

Hezbollah targets, you mean innocent™ children™ and women™. Maaaybe someone or something related too Hezbollah was nearby, but that would have just been a coincidence™ and no reason to attack the innocent. Hezbollah would definitely never do that either.

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from which language is that translated?

Whatever helps you sleep at night pal.
Live feed from the Lebanese who was at the border next to some houses was fine and everything was not close to them

Omg who cares about the 47657839th shitflinging at the israeli border
Incels fags

How do you breathe?

Post all the music you usually listen to.

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Not sharing this highly valuable information with some incel fuckhead

Mouth breather

My chin is sharp and strong

hoping you get bombed tbqh.

colonists of a feather oppress natives together

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>all the music
>just posts this one album
i'm going to pay you back with an even lesser effort.

when will this whore/syrian stop using saudi proxy?

I won't don't worry.

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I barely listen to anything other than that album

that's really depressing.