Went to get grocery's today

>went to get grocery's today
>they're already selling Halloween candy
Does this happen in your country anons?

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We don't have candies or groceries

God damnit, those packs are like $4.50 here in commie NY. I bet that Wal-Mart is from the midwest somewhere.

>still Summer
>BIG SUGAR is already on Christmas season timeline

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No because apart from some Halloween themed parties it's not a thing here, we just ligh some candles

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I haven't been outside my house since the 4th of july so i wouldnt know

No because we don't celebrate this angloid shit

In LA they're like 3.50
there's hardly any even in them

Halloween is literally the most comfy and based holiday

They do this here with Hot Cross Buns. Every year they start selling them earlier and earlier before Easter. I think some places have even started selling them year round.

the aesthetic looks and sounds comfy, but the concept is crap to me, going around knocking in other people doors and begging for free candy

Well, because we don't celebrate Halloween

We have top-tier Russian candies all year round, not your plastic shit.

No Halloween is not popular here.
Instead of it, on 1 November we are celebrating All Saints' Day.

Wow interesting, I thought you guys do not celebrate All Saint's Day.

While we are not religious we are still celebrating Christian holidays

I meant "no" not "well"

No, we celebrate all saints day with desserts which are a hundred time better

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Quads checked.

I've been seeing Halloween junk for a month now. There's even some Christmas stuff in some stores.

Not yet, but come mid/late September then yeah. Then straight after Halloween the build up to Christmas starts.

It doesn't really matter what the holiday is, they all roll out so early in the stores these days. I don't really buy anything until after the holiday when it's incredibly cheap.

No, because we don't celebrate this jewish holiday.
Fuck Halloween!