Your kunt

Your kunt


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I took Latin instead of French at college, I can't read your monkey language

Muslims too are racists against blacks?

I didn't know about that

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As a final. Here's a Frank man TCHIIP'ing a TCHIPETTE

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Oh lawd imagine the smell

So every race has its own version of dalit niggers

The incel that makes that comic isn't a muslim, he's one of those frenchified secular nafris.

Go to the masjid and ask around if you want to see what muslims think of racism.

muslim women love black men, and muslim men are eager to have another black muslim baby within their ranks

Abeed= slave in Arabic. Blacks are called abeed and it’s normalised to call them nigger in Arabic

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yeah yeah not a real mooslem, we know the song
no one"s racist until the daughter brings home a blackie

I don't tend to think much about the worth of a man by his skin colour, but then again I am not mentally ill. Alhamdulilah.

Thank you brother. I will bring home Fatima by 5 ;)

>no one's racist until the daughter brings home a blackie

Why is your daughter bringing home strange men in the first place? Do kuffar not realise the hypocrisy of their speech?

I am not a western dayooth. Alhamdulilah.

because you"re a stupid arab in a foreign land so when your daughter has to chose between lil dicked angry arab bois and easy going black men, she goes black and says "bilal was black so it"s okay"

Sounds like you are projecting some sexual fantasy of yours on to me.

Westerners have no concept of honour, it's why you accept things such as cuckoldry because your morality is derived from laws which are made due to the wishes of rich and hedonistic men. Do not project the problems which have arisen on your people due to secularism and lack of identity on the muslims.

>Westerners have no concept of honour
pretty rich coming from you, darkie
it is you who fail to grasp those higher concepts, you mistake misguided pride with honour, that's why our prisons are filled with idiot muslims like you who still call themselves good muslims
you'll talk honour, morality and integrity when you stop leeching from the kufars you love to look down on but are still glad to live in their countries instead of yours, because yours are not as good, because as people, your not as good
fact is, you're a lazy and corrupt bunch, that's why you cling so hard to religion to save face

Thank you for completely proving my point, mushrik.

I am glad you accept you are the slave of men and bow before them wholeheartedly. Kuffar truly are wretched people.

White french Chad that stands up for his race,,is politically incorrect and isn't afraid to debate.

Based Muslim moral man that tries to prove and defend his honor to French man.

there it is, the misguided pride i'm talking about, like the chess playing pigeon who shits on the board and struts about victorious
blessed are the simpletons

>go to a public gathering and ask what normalfags think when their programming kicks in after hearing the magic word "racism"
come on now

Say what you will and do what you will, in the end both you and I will die and our affairs will be straightened, despite how much you may dislike it.

you've been deflecting from the beginning, amusing but not surprising

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I thought Nafris were nice to blacks

Based Turkey

Christcucks like this are not white

what did this based black man mean by this? was he bird watching?

unfortunately there is slavery in our past too but there were also a lot of european slaves in turkish part of empire so no negative stereotypes associated with skin color here.

how do people in turkey view non shitskin people whites and japs?

it's one thing to have a castrated black slave washing your penis

it's another thing to have KARA BOGA blowing the insides of your daughter and breeding her race

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I know that they love us white people, but how about Japanese, or Koreans?

This is gold. Keep posting them.

NAFRIS treat subsaharan refugees like shit, so they flee to Europe and can't be returned because Libyan detention centers are considered a human rights violation. They hugely profit from sending nigger immigrants to Europe.

French (ahem) arab women fuck everything. White men don't want to downgrade so they mostly end with niggers. You have no idea how insecure the arab mens are about this.

Frenchie stealing and breeding African princesses just like his ancestors before him. Fucking based.

>subsaharan refugees
Niggers are not, legally, by any definition or law, refugees

being poor, stupid and a nigger doesn't make you an automatic refugee

>NAFRIS treat subsaharam refugees like shit
not true. they live ok here. we treat them fairly. their lives are hellish because they're poor. (they live with 6 other people.)

>economic refugee
>climatic refugee
>overpopulation refugee

>What is Somalia
>What is Eritrea
>What is north-east Nigeria
>What is literally half of africa

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Don't worry, son, as soon as it is world peace forever, the influx will stop.

id say you got a TCHIIIIIIIIPPP on the shoulder swedeanon

you joke but I never understood the argument that they are not refugees but "economic migrants". If so why didn't they come in literally any period before 2014-2017 when the civil war peaked? There were almost no syrians whatsoever and the migration was low. Stupid hill to die on

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have you seen the recent slave trade in Libya?
they fucking started slave trading africans again

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anglos can't into french...

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That's due to the phoenician blood in their veins that's pushing them to mercantile enterprise.

Shhhht, this question is illegal.

Somehow this is revolting but the million black slaves in Africa is not.

1 There are no wars in those countries.

2 Civil conflicts (e.g. some nigger with a gun firing at other niggers) are not wars.

3 From Nigeria to Germany there are 5 countries inbetween with no wars. Crossing the border from Nigeria nulls their asylum and refugee requests.

The legal UN definition of refugee does not include wars, only discrimination based on wealth, social status, politics, sex and other things, NOT war.
War are a different category of people and not refugees.
Also, there is no law that forces countries to take refugees or how many they take.

it's their life
what sort of persons will your children become if you still order them around when they are adults?

To be honest I can almost read these and I don't know anything about French.



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Goddamn ugly. Worse than chink

Cope. Black men > Asian men