How does your country feel about age gap relationships...

How does your country feel about age gap relationships? What’s it like to have a stepparent/child who’s close to your age or perhaps even younger?

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My father new wife is younger than me

I don't care

life goal

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>go to the spa in 2019 here, see 35yo dude with a barely 18 gf more than once
>go on the internet see a swarm of people calling a 35yo male actor pedo for dating a trashy 20 (that btw looks like 25 because of her lifestyle)
>remember that my father married my mother when she was 17 and they never divorced
I think I’ll pass on “Western culture” whatever the fuck it might that thing be.

Time to fuck your stepmom.

Dunno but I got really confused when a girl in my high-school class kept flirting with me but she actually got this 30+ year-old boyfriend. And when I attended a party where the guy was he said he wanted to fuck me.

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Based on old Christian laws the age of consent was that of marriage too for girls, which up until the 1st World War was literally 12.

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I'd only date a girl within the age range of 4 maaaybe 5 years above or below me, I don't understand how the age difference doesn't make it weird in huge age gaps, like I have little in common with girls 10 years younger than me

I know a girl who when she was 14 I think, she was dating a 21 year old
I also know a girl who dated a guy who was 25 when she was 18, which I found really odd because she's so smart and normal otherwise, I don't get it

Are you male?

Yeah. Honestly it was damn weird. Our class had this group of girls who were all dating guys in that age-range.

Have sex.

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average age of menarche was way higher in the past because of poorer nutrition

make a porno about it česky

the united states are weird about age gaps
but for the most part i understand it
even so, i won't judge anyone
as long as it's not clearly sketchy

i know it's cliche
but that rule from how i met your mother
where you take your age
halve it and add seven
and that's the number where it isn't weird
it honestly is good advice

eighteen and twenty-five is okay
that's just two consenting adults being weird
but the twenty-one and fourteen thing is really common here
i don't know why but people in their early twenties like
prey on younger highschoolers who just want to feel mature
it's really unfortunate
i'm twenty now and as i get older
i watch some of my acquaintances turn out this way

I've had sex many times incel
>eighteen and twenty-five is okay
>that's just two consenting adults being weird
Actually she was 17, I made a mistake. Still not super weird, but still

Yeah I notice a lot of people in their 20s getting with high schoolers, I feel like girls in high school have no problem getting with a guy who is in his 20s, but for a guy in high school to get with a girl in her 20s that's almost impossible

It was lower darling. People didn’t care about loli shit as long as you were straight and kept her too.

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I believe you 100%

>It was lower darling
as you just showed, it was higher

i don't know that my country thinks of it, but it is one of the reasons because i am mentaly ill

t. indogsial babi

My bad, how about this one? All over the fucking place and people just drew a line.

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Apparently the Skandi region fucks the graph up because they used to be poorer than the Balkans are now, hence their atrocious food and wannabe minimalist culture.

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Here you go. 12 for girls, 14 for boys. Both eligible for marriage in the Roman Empire. Determined case-by-case if unfit for making kids for a while.

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>the united states are weird about age gaps
As the Chinese say, public face and private face.

>mfw you're 26 dating a 18 year old chick there is literally an 8 year gap between you two
makes me feel old in all honesty

Most be awful. Stay strong.

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I'm in a relationship with 12 year age gap, only one person showed aversion towards it, otherwise no one else seems to care

37 - 12 = 25
Would knock it up right away. The mother of my child was 24 when I met her and got her pregnant, I was 33. Didn’t work out so I got another one that was 19 at 34. And I am not hot and mentally ill too.
Now I am incel and watch crossdressing boys on Jow Forums. It is over.

you don't even call your fellow workmates that's older than you as oneesan/onichan. It's exactly like that.

That's depressing user.

I'm actually the girl, I'm 21 and he's 33.

Most people won't care, minus bored middle age women and liberals "SHE'S LITERALLY A CHILD, 25 IS NOT ADULT YET"™

how's your father about it?

Working class and middle class is largely gone. It melted into a suburbanite lower middleclass hysterical npc mass attached to Jerry Springer show type of shit. They just dwell on it and vomit up shit online, thinking it will change the world for the better thus they are good citizens and empowered. Jow Forumstards are like this. Zoomers trolling Jow Forums are like this. Reddit is like this. Facebook is like this. Twitter is like this. Fml even Discord will be like this in 2 years max. None of them have money. None of them have enough sex. None of them are physically fit. None of them have a real world useful skill. You point it out for them they blow up and go back coping with the DailyMail clickbait.

tits pls

wew lad are you ok with this? Do you share common interests?

what do your kids think of you watching those crosdressing boys
how old are they
do you speak to them

>intellectual discussions
You are supposed to just fuck them and in turn them soothing you emotionally. Lel at the nerd fantasies. The only females with whom you will have meaningful intellectual discussions were unironically born male.

it's not unusually guy at 30s dating a girl at 20s but young incels and catladies are super butt-hurt when they see one. call the guy pedo etc.

Based gypsy

unless she's the teacher

My son is 4yo and thinks of the man raising him that he is his biological dad because my ex got a naive cuck asap while she was still flat and told him that he knocked her up and the kid was preterm. She was only 1 month and so preggers when we split and her torso is naturally wide so you won’t see shit up until late in the 3rd month if not 4th. And I don’t speak to them for obvious reasons but I’m a creep so kept my eyes and ears open.
So next time a girl tells you she’s blessed with a child, count back 5 or 6 months just in case. Whoever had the most sex in the past 6 months that is the father 80% of the cases. It’s not like in the movies.

My dad pretends he doesn't exist and never asks me about him lol. Anyhow he can't say anything considering my parents have a 10 year age gap
No this is blue board
I am more than okay with it. We get along very well. We have same humour and yes, we do have a lot to talk about. Other than talking about each other we talk a lot about religion, biology, physics, current world events etc. Even when I don't understand or know much about a topic I enjoy learning from him and hearing his point of view on things. On a lighter note we both enjoy the same type of music and going out in bars so it's never boring

My stepdaughter (I’m not married, so should I just call her my gf’s daughter?) is slightly younger than me but she’s studying at uni and doesn’t live at home so I don’t see her often. Shy-ish girl (somewhat extroverted among friends/family/social media but a bit more timid and nervous outside of the house and when meeting strangers) who seems nice but whom I have trouble “reading”. If I went to uni with her I’d probably think she was a dork but would be friendly acquaintances with her.


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She’s much older than that.

Too bad.

My president married his teacher

Greekette or Turkette?

If a guy is with a young woman then women judge him negatively, if a woman is with a young guy it's an oddity but nobody cares. Essentially this "taboo" was invented by man-hating feminists to punish men and deny them sexual gratification.

Half your age+seven is the rule, anything beyond that is frowned upon.

Pretty sure if the age gap is more than 10 years, people would think the older one in the relationship is a sugar daddy/mommy. Specially for guys dating women older than them since it's kinda uncommon.

No age gap is optimal. up to a 10 year age gap is acceptable by the problems caused by society, however women must not bear children past the age of 30. The optimal age for having a child is 17-20 and everyone should strive to have a young family.

This society is fucking sick. Education is absolutely worthless, unnecessary yet everyone is forced into it. A degree doesnt guarantee you a job or employability of any kind, yet people end up overspecializing and having kids at 40. It's pretty horrible to see your parents dying while you're young.

Fuck americans, they destroyed the family and intend to pass the shit meme everywhere else.

>what others think
If you have money you stole it. Give it all to me or else it’s not fair.

>more stories I pulled out of my ass
I saw once some models doing some shit at the mall. 90% of the people ignored them despite the attention grabbing music and shit. It’s like you are obsessed that you are as important as the leader of your country getting scrutinized at every moment of his existence. Have you tried therapy for schizophrenia?

Unfortunately I don't have a sugar daddy. If wagecucking is not gonna be enough, I might need to get one myself to live up to my luxury

I'm 25, and there is this 18 year old girl in my workplace with a hard crush on me. She's religious and stuff, I've tried telling her that I'm too old, but she doesn't give a fuck. Last week she brought me a piece of a cake she made at home, people at the office were giggling. My supervisor said it would be a dick move if I tried reciprocating, because only assholes go for younger virgin girls.

its a line of best fit retard

The “best fit” would be that in the middle where most measurements occured.
However states that Scandinavian women bleed at 17 while 14 was considered normal in Europe.

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