it really do be like that edish

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best /brit/ thread of the year

mans here

mans arrived

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give us back the marbles u thieves

As a child of migrant parents, I don't really understand what the issue with migration is. Isn't it a good thing? Aren't people themselves a resource that Ireland could use? The fact that people are giving out that they are moving asylum seekers into Lisdoonvarna is also a bit silly. I get that the population is only 829 people (according to census data) but isn't the real issue the fact that the pop for that town is so low? It just shows the lack of development the west of Ireland has gotten. From what I understand, getting an influx of people into that area will help the area grow. Of course, if they are just dumped there without the proper infrastructure and resources in place, well, that's the governments fault and not the poor lads who literally want to live in a country where they wont get shot in the face by warring factions. The only people who dislike this idea are the people who would rather preserve the Ireland of yester-century than see Ireland join the rest of the EU in the modern age.

wish i gone to uni

might makes right de lad

haven't been on /b/ in like 8 years
has it gone from being shit to being good again?

reckon we should take more refugees


might make a /brit/ on there just see how it goes

/b/ was never good


wish foreigners would just die

no its shite, just a porn board now.. 2007 /b/ *cracks* *sips* ahhh... now let grandpa tell you a story or two

yeah i saw your post and i don't care

and thats why this thread has turned to shit lately

lots of redditors who spak old memes and dead humour

just sent in my janny application lads

posted in 4 threads. all of them died immediately
that's why i'm posting here now, either my post won't kill the thread or /brit/ will die

just took my concerta and citralopram

maisie lad post some her at her pengest

based brutal honesty poster

Jow Forums has an anti-brit bias
theyll email you calling you benedict arnold and telling you fuck off

Just fostering discussion mate as your proposition seems inlikely

You dont have authority to judge that

so fucking buzzing for the NLD today lads could suck a football

>Aren't people themselves a resource
there are people who really think like this and still call themselves humanists

the pengness of her face and body rarely match up

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i was about to say i bet its all yanks

easier to control for free

>and thats why this thread has turned to shit lately
>lots of redditors who spak old memes and dead humour

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eating some cadbury whole nut and you wanna know something? it is hitting the spot for me

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feel a bit bad about being brutally honest with that swede tbf

tim's recent nude escapades is a psyop to distract from a fedpol insertion into /brit/

ahhahahahahah so grim

what ever happened to maisielad

but you’re literally plebbit and im Jow Forums

it will never be the opposite

/brit/ is a househeld name

whats the best city to experience slag culture?
I want a bitch to vomit on me and speak english but have me not understand a word shes saying


they're called glowniggers you newfag


colossal iq

the australian one left /brit/ in 2015 cos he didnt like how it had changed
think a canadian redditflagger has him on steam or something

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Could compensate by having amale elephant piss on miss thatchers grave.

Actually this gives me an idea for a public stunt.

go to peckham mate guarantee you wont understand what they’re saying there unless you speak pidgin

lol pussio i still have winky on skype

whats the stunt gonna be?

i reckon tim has some kind of early onset dementia rather than schizophrenia
not a medical man or anything, it's just what i reckon

she is alri tb h. most women look like that without all the filters anyway so yeah

creases me up when he does those kitchen poses as if hes making an offering

really lucky my toil shits are never nearly as messy as my home shits 2bh. sometimes use nearly half the bloody roll getting every last bit of poo off my arse here and even then I'm often still smelling it for hours after but it doesn't happen at toil

The cost of bringing isolated areas in western countries up to modern standards is really high. Also tax breaks for companies to settle in specific rural areas of a country have been proven to be ineffective. Most Western government nowadays encourage geographic and professional mobility so that people can move where economic growth is (large cities) rather than wait for a miracle in their village. Immigration has its benefits but sending migrants to rural areas with lots of unemployment are just going to make the problem worse.

Mum washes up before I've finished my plate and then gets aggro when I bring it out after she's finished
Her head's on a one way path to the countertop if she tries it again

you are lying if youre saying you wouldnt shag her

damn a flight to newcastle is like 700 buckos

hes just copypasting news article comment sections
perhaps you are too

give it a rest lewis

dancer legs, slag aura and FAS smirk
simple as

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its a power stance

virgin gimp

a community evolves and develops over generations, centuries, to have just the right number of doctors, police, teachers etc to serve it
if you suddenly throw in a bunch of people, none of whom are doctors, then that community will suddenly not have enough doctors and some people can't get treated in time and die
add the fact that these new people barely speak the language, and have 8 kids each, who grow up to target the native girls for kidnapping and gang rape because the culture which their parents brought and stubbornly refused to change sees girls as basically cattle and tolerant western ideals as blasphemous, who regularly kill the natives and demand submission in the name of some primitive religion
you can see why some natives would feel resentment, even if expressing such resentment is legislated against by a government that treats the newcomers as a protected class and gives them precedence over the people whose ancestors built that country over millennia

stop posting this goblin freak

nah i agree with you she is alright. everyone looks ugly if youre looking at supermodels all day at least she didnt get surgery and that
big cope

hehehehe say my name

>tfw gf is from Newcastle
She's proper though she likes her drinks but her little sister is top slag. I'd hit it if she wasn't trouble. Luv me gf, ain't fucking it up

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she looks like she should have a batty bu she dont

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this. iirc that Lisdoonvarna story was from over a year ago and I think the hotel the refugees were meant to be held in was torched anyway so it didn't happen in the end


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Make an impromtu wet nap with toiletpaper some water and handsoap. Might need an other round of just toiletpaper wet with water if you were happy on the handsoap. Been doing this for ages.


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Its like he is selling the idea that you shouldnt move there. Look at his body language.

yanks got shot again

oh fuck

I got better

are you talking about the one in texas or is this a new one

have cunts like this not got anything better to do with their time?

honestly maisie is fucking hot she's just ugly and yes they are different concepts

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Ansu Fati, this 16yo zoomer scored for Messi’s Barca last night and probably shagged the night away after

what were you doing at 16?

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>Yanks dies
Shant be bothered. Stopped having a toast ages ago.

she looks like THAT?


how bent do you have to be do find maisie attractive when she spends 90% of her camera time getting mogged by a pure white queen

we're the same age and had i lived in bristol at 16 she would have gotten it up to the armpits

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she's the human equivalent of a dodgy kebab after a night on the piss

sniffing bags shagging slags and drinking caestrol supers aka getting the better life experience

>sniffing bags

post your mug you virgin

you could only really find her at major events and that unless you knew her friends

think she spent a lot of time bath desu or thats what i heard

i am the most popular poster in brit, youve seen whole threads of my non virgin mug

yeh this was in bath

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turner is fucking nasty in every shot she isn't layered in clown paint and photoshopped

i feel about sophie the way most people feel about maisie

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ive never seen your mug my lad so lets see it

if shes ugly then random girls on the street and that are hideous

low test nonce

yeah thought so

clownmode sophie is alri

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That is true for English lasses though

ffs why are they both so flat and mishapen

british women are grim without surgery


>if you don't like girls that look like men you're a nonce
bet you like chloe grace moretz too

truly the pengest after jlaw

hope you all have a car lads x

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