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hi Ozu

>mfw according to an online dictionary on honorifics, both "あります" and "ございます" are classified under 丁寧語(the polite language) even though we basically find the latter more polite than the former.

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What the fuck does that even mean you autist

Just in case the aussie-user missed my reply in the old thread, check the link in the first post of the thread to find Penguin Highway

you act very unique here so everyone recognise you and that's why I'm calling you Ozu, it's charactr from Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei seen as devilish but he is actually very friendly inside, he just resembles you too much so I have started calling you by his name

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Friendliness is not an inside quality, niceness is.

you are right but without niceness there would be no friendliness right?

Anyone can be friendly on the surface

Niech Bóg cię błogosławi, hue?

Stupid siren

Bad news for me, hue.
Gyom(業務スーパー) is a store like ALDI.
The nearest Gyom that is indispensable for my life has
closed for business.
I am hard to live.

cheers bro


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Why is it は and not に? Isn't the weather "in" your town?

Tokyo is cloudy, a little sultry, hue

natural, hue


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it's so cloudy and humid today that it's not that nice weather for me.

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おはよう、Tapris poster

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oh, was a response in Japanese expected? hue

Is the humid and tropical storm period now?


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Really sorry if I'm not supposed to ask for help about this kind of stuff here but no one in /wsr/ answered me.
Can you make out and translate what's being said here? I can't find it anywhere online and I've been curious about it for a while now.

yeah, Summer in Japan is very hot and humid.
on the top of that, several typhoons often pass over Japan over the course of August to September.

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get your homo shoes on boys


>You are still not fully prepared to become the demon lord

I think

it says

and I found the following site out

Ah, thank you for your help but I was looking for the entirety of the speech

Thank you very much. I'll try to translate it on my own. I couldn't find anything myself when I searched for a website that had the monologue written but thanks for going the extra mile and finding it for me too.





つまりhave sex

Ja, already 21:00, Sunday.
People will want to commit suicide slowly at times like this.

Tomorrow school will resume in Japan. Can you feel the atmosphere of despairing teenagers?

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Who goes to parks

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I ciebie też bracie

I once ran on a motorcycle like this when was a high school student.
like running away from tomorrow morning.
I had never started my summer homework.

OK, 敬語 retard here, I am back.


Is this OK for a gaijin? Also

How do I make


I have a feeling 出来れば is not polite enough- what do I replace it with? I want to say "I would like to be allowed to do a XYZ for you. (XYZ is whatever- a form of a quick test within a industry I am working in- no it does not involve any form of sexual activity- that people usually do before getting hired) .

Or if anyone has any resources, I am happy to research myself instead of wasting your time.


>summer homework
japanese culture seems to be all about torturing people

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Why do you have summer homework
And how can you enjoy your free time knowing that you still haven't done the work you are supposed to do?


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Homework is a duty
Arbeit machr Frei! hue

So you didn't do your homework. Are you a neet now?

>I once ran on a motorcycle like this when was a high school student.
>like running away from tomorrow morning.
>I had never started my summer homework.

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I don't think "出来れば" is so bad.
but,"出来れば” can be rephrased as “もし出来れば” or “可能であれば”.

I went to a local izakaya and talked to a random local boomer forhalf an hour about Pokémon and Israel.
Also, earlier, I walked past a bunch of wackoes handing out pamphlets in English Japanese and Tagalog. I asked them if they have it in Hebrew and they lost their minds.
If only I could use this conversation starter on a cute girl.

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Thank you!

Is it worth it so far?

Dumb weeb

I was admitted to graduate by submitting reflections because very bad score.
I just wanted to escape.
I'm still running away from life, Huehuehue!

Kill yourself autist

How did you spend the rest of the day before? Why did those guys lose their minds?

>I'm still running away from life, Huehuehue!
Aren't we all.

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They did not go to the moon, hue

You are positive in life! huehue


>pamphlets in English Japanese and Tagalog
may we ask you for the pic of that?

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Your anchor reminded me of hunger, huehue

>出来れば is not polite enough- what do I replace it with?
"よろしければ" is what I recommend to you in this case and I think most, if not all, of Japanese posters will agree with it.


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oh, my answer was incomplete, sorry hue

Totally, and I havn't even started buying weebshit yet

Eh, I went to Ueno Zoo and the NatScience museum. Nice but not amazing.
They lost their minds because those sort of evangelist christian types are huge Israeboos, especially east asian ones.


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museums or zoos in Tokyo are not very good.
Probably MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM in Odaiba is more exciting, huehue

Did you visit 六龍鉱泉? It's just behind the park.

And sorry, they close the bathhouse on Monday.


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I am not sure if you posters have already noticed the mistake she made.


I'm going through the Genki textbook but I don't understand why and when the の particle is supposed to be used in these sentences.

You'll learn in a year or faster if you drop genki for something actually useful

like what then huh?

I've been going through genki (currently chapter 9), watching some Japanese Ammo videos on youtube and an anki deck based on genki vocab.

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Read the guide

holy shit, it turned out that DJT had a lot of NEETs (of course, including me)!
leaving that aside, do you have any mental illness like me?
I've been visiting the hospital to get a prescribed medicines for Anxiety once a month since I was diagnosed as Social Anxiety Disorder in 2014.
my symptoms have been getting better than before thanks to the medicines and I got a driving licence in June of this year, so I'm going to work as a part timer as the first step to come back to the society.

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"の" is correctly "こと"
"テニス" is a noun, but "泳ぐ" is a verb.
In order to make a verb a noun, "こと(の)" is added.

I think that's probably the case, hue

I enjoyed MOMAT, even though I'm usually a fan of modern art, all the Meiji-Taishi era works were amazing.

I haven't dared go to an onsen yet. I don't have tattoos but I'm afraid I'll do some major fauxpas

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*usually NOT a fan

I noticed a bunch of places are closed on Mondays. Why is that?

>why and when the の particle is supposed to be used in these sentences.
it's like relatives in English. Following verbs in their attributive form(I mean 連体形), it turns verbs nouns, like (may not precise enough though) "that which we call".
>and the formal noun こと has the same function
And notice テニス in your post is a NOUN. If you wanna use の for that sentence in the same vein, you should make it

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Get a job where you have to talk to a lot of people and in one week you'll see that your made up sickness was just a bunch of bullshit in your head that some doctor put into it.

I have never been examined by a psychiatrist.
I think i have no mental illness.
However, I don't know the truth, because I'm not a doctor, huehue


>a job where you have to talk to a lot of people
I want to avoid such a job if possible, but suffering is unavoidable in life....

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Youtuber, huehue


No kidding, please lol.


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>I'm afraid I'll do some major fauxpas
As far as you wash yourself before getting in the water and not pouring too much cold water into the spa, most of them will be overseen.
>but reportedly, there are some vociferous local customers in the bathhouse so I don't compel you, and telling the truth, the spa water is SUPER HOT. (I occasionally see newcomers giving up on getting in the water).
And another thing I recommend is the ramen shop 阿吽. Maybe you can go there by walk. Its soup is made of ground sesame seeds and crustacean broth with various peppers and if you are gonna go I recommend you to go there being thirsty and ordering beer alongside(but you may come across a queue of waiting customers), and they have a shop in Asakusa too.
>closed on Mondays
maybe they have to work weekends as their 書き入れ時? I am not sure desu.