Why are so many Scots pro-EU?

Why are so many Scots pro-EU?

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The same reason so many students are pro-taxation.

higher test

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Only one month to go! Finally!

I like how that map shows where all the Catholics and protestants live in Northern Ireland

The Scottish are pro-EU for the same reason right-wing English are anti-EU: Thatcher.

It was the Tories in the 70s, which Thatcher was a part of, that advocated us joining the European Economic Community, meanwhile Labour, the Scottish and Welsh nationalists, anarchists, communists, nationalists, were all against us joining. But once we had joined, and then when Thatcher became Prime Minister , the opinions started to change. Thatcher began to be openly critical of the EEC/EU, often wanting to distance the UK away from increased federalisation. Her growing scepticism of Europe helped fuel a pronounced split in the Tory party, between Eurosceptics and Europhiles.
Meanwhile, for Labour and the Scottish, for whom Thatcher had wrecked their economic industries and ways of life, they saw that "if she's against it, it can't be that bad!", and began to openly support Europeanisation, the Scottish eventually preferring rule from Belgium than rule from London, while labour began to see the advantages of being part of an internationalist union, even at the sacrifice of that union being neoliberal economically

Because they are genetically programmed to submit themselves to a higher power. Scots are also the most cancerous left-wing socialist cunts on the planet, worse even than Swedes. Plus England is very pro-brexit and Scots hate everything we do so they voted remain to spite us.

EU gibs and they literally buy equipment from Eastern Europe because of poverty. I know someone in Hungary who works at a company that ships them tractors and stuff like that there.

Anglo spotted

They don't have to pay for the millions of Poles living in England on welfare.

What will you do when we exit the EU at 11:00pm on the 31st of October 2019?

Well, in our place, we'll crack open a bottle of the finest Sussex bubbly to celebrate, and we'll look forward to a brilliant future ahead of us for our country.

I always wondered why conservatives in Europe were against a union that literally made wh*te Europeans more powerful

>brilliant future

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I only voted remain to fuck over England and cause a constitutional crisis desu

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God damnit are we really that fucking BASED?

I'll probably be sitting on my ass playing video games and eating yogurt

Cringe but also based

There are more Fr*nch in the UK living off daddies money than there are Poles, Poles work hard and I won’t have them disrespected in that way

Scottish nationalism... Brghhh.

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>Russia supports Scottish independence in 2014
>now that you got brexit to happen you don’t anymore

What gives bro?

haha, what a delusional post-empire tard

russians figured out a better way to fuck your nation up

You should try living here and watching the news, to some of the post empire tards the Scots are literally their Jew and the reason Britain is failing

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Russia evil, EU good
stfu rootless mutts

Can you give any examples?

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Google David Starkey on Scots, probs the most obvious example, and Piers Morgan gets trolled by us but if you watch news shows where English people phone in sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll get a rant about Scotland

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Brits should have moved the capital
The construction of a new city is a traditional means of strengthening control and assimilation.
But Brits were only watching the continent.

>we exit the EU at 11:00pm on the 31st of October 2019?

Not going to happen. Borris will extend the deadline.


They vote for Labour and Remain out of sheer spite for the English.

There are goodbye parties here.

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>brilliant future

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>GREAT Britain will remain Great Britain as BREXIT. The Dutch however will become a footnote in European history. Wait until the EU demand only German to be spoken.haha


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Scots have higher IQ than English because they are further from France

I'll buy some mead, beer sausages and turn on some livestream on my computer while shitposting on this board.


Aside from Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland is practically all white. The Eastern euros and Indians make for good immigrants.
That said, I'm Estonian living Scotland and my assessment is that the Scots aren't very politically savvy or maybe trust their media too much.
The Scots are pretty fucked either way. For some reason they actually want to stay in the EU. After brexit, they're more likely to leave the UK in the future. If they become independent, most likely the government will be filled with commies.

They believe sucking the cock of the bigger EU daddy is going to grant them independence from their host country. Same in Brittany.

because they don't care about europe only themselves?


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Self-interest is literally the way to go

>brilliant future ahead of us for our country.

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come home grzegorz

because they are contrarian shitheads

Higher IQ

It might come as a surprise to you Wojtek but the Brits really feel that way about your/our people