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>2. how common is this sight in your country?

1. Poland
2. still happens

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>in the countryside

>in the city
still happens too

>your country still has and uses this sign

do you know this feel?

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in places with loads of Arabs places it’s not uncommon

yeah, you see them around Amish areas

Israel must be an interesting place with neighboring first and third world areas

pretty common outside cities, gypsies do everything with them
fucking cancer
the only time I lost my license was when I tried to overtake one over a solid line

Pretty common

Can’t have horse drawn carts without horses. Never happens.

Yeah only in arabs places or mixed cities like Ramla and Lod

Only common in Prague and Karlovy Vary

Honestly it's goldmine

They are changing 200€ for 1h ride

how do they reverse?

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never happens cause everybody and their mother have cars right now

we have the same in Kraków and Zakopane

>Pretty common


nothing, just a remark

I hate tourist carriages with a passion. Horses smell and are loud as fuck on the cobblestone.

ayy lmao

Kek, all polish highway enterances literally have these signs. What year is Poland still living in?

I haven't seen these in a decade

They're still all over Sofia. Fucking parasites. I even saw one on the ringroad where even the slowest cars are doing 60 km/h and this fucker just strolling with his carriage blocking the lane

in small fraction, that is common

平成26年 信任状捧呈式 フランス共和国全権大使
2014 Ceremony of the Presentation of Credentials French republic ambassador plenipotentiary

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They went extinct due to cheap 125cc Honda motorcycles and its clones and mechanised farming turned the water buffaloes into beef curry.
Now only tigers, elephants and crocodiles wander the roads.

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Last time I've seen a horse drawn carriage was at a wedding some 20 years ago. I don't even know where they got that from.

Usually animal lovers protest this sort of thing. Traffic is too stressful for horses and hard (tarmac) ground is hard on the horses' joints. They don't have paws that cushion the blow from each step on hard ground.

They're always around near where I work, but they're for tourists mostly. The roads are covered in massive pancakes of shit.

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Haven't seen one in ages. Was still happening in Yugo times, but now even gipsies own cars and vans.

We have highways. I guess we're living 30 years ahead of you

Hej, hej kup se klej!
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Not very common and the only ones who ride them are gypsies

We don't have highways, because it is simply not worth it. Too little population

Nonexistent, maybe a couple in Amish enclaves but even they just pay people to drive them around now

I only saw it like once or twice as a kid. There was this one road close to where the amish lived.


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