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alive and well edition

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no anime

Good afternoon /dixie/, JIDF agent 057 here!
I recieved a report saying that there are some anti-semitic posts circulated in this thread. I've took my liberty to report them and advise all of you to report any anti-semitic posts you see as well
Nation of Israel is grateful to you!

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wait nvm wrong one

ok now r8

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I wish hippos weren't one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. The babbos are real cute.

it's like stifler with down syndrome

hippos being dangerous is croc propaganda
don't believe their lies fren

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>look at comment section for baseball highlights
>find "k keep me posted" guy completely by random chance
apparently he's a vuhjinyan

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>baseball highlights

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t. teamlet city

Noord-Brabant is Croatia

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large if correct

>t. teamlet city

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give me back my nose, balkanoid.

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turning off cleartype makes Jow Forums feel like the time was a ago

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do NOT do this

Some German here brought up how he looks just like the guy from In Extremo and now every time I see his face I think of the band

wtf bro

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wtf you can't just throw away perfectly good cumps

Who sipping?

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i miss ron

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solid post



I wish I actually gave a crap about TRPGS.
/tg/ seems like a solid board.

still can't get over how that pic of the drag queen reading to kids at a library looks exactly like a daemon of slaanesh

When are you going to take your rightful place as alpha-homo and cleanse the earth of filthy ladyboys and crossdressers

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i'm building my real estate empire as we speak. soon i'll have the resources to wipe them out

You have my sword

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you are now breathing manually
you are now aware of the ambient sound in your head that you normally tune out
you are now blinking manually
Johnny Cash has probably decomposed into a skeleton by now
the game

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>Johnny Cash has probably decomposed into a skeleton by now
I don't get why people are so shocked by this kind of thing.

That's ok, but will my mother die in her sleep?

in the best timeline, Bush Sr. won a second term in 1992, and then Bill's two terms would be pushed up to 1997-2005



because spoopingtons are scary

I thought you liked HW

'ingtons aren't anywhere near as scary as something that still has the meat on it but no skin

imagine if one tripped and fell into a swimming pool full of potato chips

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i do but i don't think that bill would have handled 9/11 well

how could literally anyone have handled 9/11 worse than shrub did

I mean Cheney
take that conservatards xP loool

miss Ghaddafi

Saddam Fed Bird While Jailed

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absolute cringe

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Fucking captcha, but it would be cool if I got it right.

where in that post did you get the idea that i was defending dubya
honestly Kerry probably would have handled it best

ok flaglet, now fuck off

she forgives you for your ill faith. There's a place in Heaven even for those with narrow sight like you

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have sex

find me a verse it says mary forgives sins, ill wait cathcuck

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after im married

>grrr h8 regular posters whomst refuse to namefag to assuage the finn's autism
don't care, have sex

all me

I can forgive people too, does that mean I'm a jeebus?

you cant forgive sins, you may forgive them on a personal level

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yes, and?

Well she forgives you on a personal level

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ok, that does not save you from damnation though

>regular poster
>posts "have s*x"
possibly worse than being a flaglet

who else would've been president on 9/11 if not Clinton or Bush in this timeline where everything is moved forward four years

he always struck me as kind of clueless

Heaven is open for everyone, even the hateful like you

not sure. kerry certainly could have run and won. i don't know anyone else who was active around that time.

>kerry was clueless
yes but i feel like he would have stuck to just pushing Afghanistan's shit in instead of fucking up most of the middle east. i don't think he would have been as likely to push through the worst parts of the patriot act either

not for everyone, anyone not in the book of life wont

"And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever . . . And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire."
Revelation 20:10, 14-15




it's not a finished book, every person on this world has the potential to live the eternal life in Heaven. A person should not be judged on how he interpreted the Bible, but on how he behaved on this land and are his deeds worthy of eternal life

>but on how he behaved on this land and are his deeds worthy of eternal life
does not matter as long as you accept Christ

imagine actually believing the shit the finn does

>I accepted Christ in a different way than Finn did and therefore I won't live eternal life

oh how do you accept Christ then?