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>ur cunt
>which conspiracy theory do you unironically believe in?

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Epstein was murdered

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9/11 and the moon landing

jewish world government

flag related
quora answers are so irrelevant and weird but so long-winded that i'm one-hundred percent convinced they've outsourced workers to other countries, where people in centers are paid negligible wages to answers quora questions using whatever garbage info they can scrounge up from a quick browser search, just so the site keeps showing up in everyone's searches

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There are no secret organisations in control of the universe, every oligarch is looking out for themselves, we just assume someone is in control because we naturally fear chaos and disorder.


inside job

can that still even be considered a conspiracy?

Jews controll the world, and there's nothing we can do about it

Australia doesn't exist

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the earth is flat.

This, even though the brainlets do their best to discredit it by accusing along party lines (it's ALL Trumps/the Clintons doing) or retard-sensing that there is some absurd unnecessarily complicated ploy in there beyond just murdering the guy.

Jews control all the western media (both traditional like Sulzbergers New York Times and social media like Zuckerbergs facebook, whatsapp and instagram, Susan Wojcicki's youtube, but also dating platforms like IAC's tinder, plentyoffish, okcupid)
Only the Han-Chinese masterrace can fight em now

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kill yourself subhuman tranny

>Only the Han-Chinese masterrace can fight em now

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LMAO Levin, your time is over.
i dont even care if the chinese colonize all of europe and kill us as long as (((you))) receive the same treatment.
its like the samson option, you should know what that is, if not, ask your daddy moishe

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Based Jow Forumstard chink diaspora

>pay 14 year old girls for sex
>sexual abuse

i black and I hate both china and america, kys chink

Levin, please...your jewish spouse (jewish women love BBC) would enjopy you to be black, but you arent.

The EU is trying to destroy the European nations and peoples by flooding them with foreigners.

stfu chink incel

At this point if you don't believe in pizzagate you're a dummy.

but what do you mean with EU?
I only know (((EU)))

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I believe in an underground secret society that controls everything. Probably Jews.

cuckreans are (((westernized))), you dumb incel

US fighting for Israel

There are people who work to make a borderless world with one government, one language, one culture, no races or religions etc, because they believe that would unify the human race and put an end to wars. And no, those people aren't necessarily Jews.

seething shlomo

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> flag

A lot of Serial killers/ mass shooters are military assets set on the population to cause fear and compliance

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both america and china are ZOG countries you chink incel

you wish, moishe
your "please let us be friends, xiao zhang!" pilpul wont work in the end. i am sorry but its over
(actually i am not sorry at all,kek)

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post slit eyes zhang

France doesn't actually exist

yeji has best monolids

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9/11 was an inside job done by some people in the bush administration in a plot to make money through their investments in United Defense and getting free oil in Irak.

ADHD was invented by Monsanto and Bayer, it's actually just kids with big family issues that need to be addressed. ADHD never existed and it just popped out of nowhere and now pharma labs are making """treatments""" for it (read actual neuroleptics that fuck your brain and make you dependent).

The killings during the april 2011 protests in Syria were done by secret services of western countries in order to start a civil war and fight for oil and the countrie's resources.

all of them


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I agree with the last one. Not too sure about the others

It's literally not a conspiracy, we literally have their NAMES

That’s not a conspiracy theory thats just a plain and obvious fact