Do you like america?

i don't. i look at the americans of old and my heart swells with emotion at looking at these noble people living nobly off the land.
i then look at modern day americans with their trumps,obamas,yangs,mcdonalds,kardashians,obesity scooters,mass shootings,logan pauls,parking lots,gestated highways and kentucky fried chickens and my heart fills with revulsion.

I hate them.

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the people on top are siberians, not americans

They are Alaskans, thus Danish

>meanwhile lives in an even more soulless """country""" settled by whites even more recently built on the extermination of a much older aborigenal population
I hate Americlaps but I fucking loathe Strayans

hes a chink

Well I’m Aztec and my ANCESTORS have owned this land first for thousands of years so I’m American.
I don’t know why the fuck do those wh*te crackas in the north call themselves Americans though.

McDonalds is incredibly based desu

amerindians are siberian and the mexica (aztec) nation did not call this land america, they called it Cemanahuac

I prefer Wendy's though, but they're closing their branch here. fuck McDs.



hypocrite chink

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why is there os many non whites posting from euro countries?

Just call them all yankees like we do in Finland

>"you're not white"

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you are not

I agree with you. Although I wouldn't go as far as revulsion. In fact, our countries share many of the same flaws I feel. I find that New Zealand is the only sane and good Anglo country. They successfully integrated with the native population, and the natives with them. America isn't even that bad in that regard. We ignore them for the most part, and even feel some discomfort when we do discuss them. Which is by no means a good thing. I wish we could do better. Which is at least one step above cognizant racism as is found in Canada or Australia. There's tons of racism here, I wish there was an easy way to fix it.

he does not care about amerindians, he is just a chink who wants people to hate americans

>every australian poster is chinese
>every canadian poster is chinese
>every european poster is a muslim
this is how americans cope with being third world mutts

i never claimed to be white


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