Do you consider Italians white? Can we settle this once forever ?

Do you consider Italians white? Can we settle this once forever ?

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Yes, chris was piece of shit imo

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watch it.

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They were white back when they were Romans: but now they're durrty wops.

Yes and you gave them the gift of your cuisine

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I don't

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The Shah of Iran was the best character in that show.

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i wish i had all the tacky flashy clothes from the show
jogging suits too

I always thought Italy is in Europe and that's it

was vito white?

>Why yes, we do work in the waste management business, how could you tell?

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Terrones can't

was vito gay?

They're taking care of the immigrants

Some Italians are white, but the majority are brown. It’s like 70-30

Fuck-a north Italy

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It was a joke, some people have no sense of humor, I swear to God

Northern Italians definitely are.


>Why yes, gabagool belongs ova heear

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let me tell you a couple of three things. A, she was a puerto rican hooar. B, shinebox


Why the heck would it even matter? Aryanism was used by german cucks to associate themselves with the ancient MED BVLL, and anglo racism is a meme, considering they used to think that Brits were white but the Irish weren't.

Now go get your fuckin’ shinebox

It was the medication


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"Ipse eorum opinionibus accedo, qui Germaniae populos nullis aliis aliarum nationum conubiis infectos propriam et sinceram et tantum sui similem gentem exstitisse arbitrantur. Unde habitus quoque corporum, tamquam in tanto hominum numero, idem omnibus: truces et caerulei oculi, rutilae comae, magna corpora et tantum ad impetum valida: laboris atque operum non eadem patientia, minimeque sitim aestumque tolerare, frigora atque inediam caelo solove adsueverunt."

>Do you consider Italians white?
If you even have to ask, the answer is a clear no.


That's a North Indian man. Probably Jat or Gujjar.


yes why not?