Are young blue eyed blonde white girls just made for bbc?

This world is filled with the grotesque and the divine. They exist together. Two sides of the coin. You can not have one absent thread of the other. Words can not convey the true nature of this. It must be experienced. It must be felt and never forgotten.

I hate racemixing as the next guy but how can we deny this pairing?

Would you rather see this barely legal white girl in pic related have sex with some white Chad or get ravaged by some Black BVLL.
the answer is clear.

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americans are mentally ill

Nuke yourself, fucking bastard of piece of shit

why are they like this?



you fags didnt answer my question. lets be real here schmucks. we all want to see girl in pic related get pounded hard by a black bvll. if i said there was a video youd all want to see it

Already knew the flag

chinks gonna chink

They are made for Jomon Yamato Japanese man.

Non weaboo or koreaboo white woman and Jomon Yamato Japanese

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Amazing thread. Upvoted.

Charlie Malaponte

no. there is nothing exciting about this pairing.
you need strong opposites for the pairing to work.
2 feminine light skins arent a great pairing.

but the fair delicate blonde and the masculine muscular black BVLL, now thats ART

This is your brain on high fructose corn syrup.

imagine how much bandwidth gookmoot could save by eliminating this superfluous html

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why you huwhite bois so mad? just answer my question honestly.

Would you rather see pic related get RAVAGED by a Black BVLL or some white dude. Blondes are literally built for BBC. preferablly multiple black BVLLs would make it even more beautiful

Americans are fucked in the head.

I dont know, it just feels right


why cant u guys answer my question


If she was from my cunt, she would only fuck Magyar BVLLS
If she was an American however...

do americans really?

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I wouldn't really care about it that much. If I saw it while browsing for porn i would just simply go past it and forget that I even saw it.

Fucking fetishposter, go back to your cuck forums


have sex you incel freak

Race fetishes were a mistake
Cumbrains need to be rounded up

It doesn't work when the woman is more masculine looking than the man.

Why does it annoy you anyway ? Is she your girl ? Is she your woman ?
Same for
Why does it annoy you, retards ? Hide the thread and go ahead if it bothers you that much.

I'm board and don't really give that much of a shit about it.

>why does it annoy you
I pity cumbrains like op and I wish they would change for the better

Nah you want to kill them, you say they're a mistake so you clearly have anger towards them. Dishonesty at its finest.

I said they should be rounded up, not killed

german blood and god knows the mixing

The nigger lovers, historically, are the french.

found the kike


Its too common nowadays, it has lost its novelty

What was your lunch ? I ate some slices of chorizo and cheese with some bread


based americuckers

The brain of the modern American is completely fried with porn, sugar, salt and drugs

I'd rather see her ravaged by my BIG STRONG TANNED ROMAN MED BVLL COCK

only true KARA BOĞA like ITALIANS or GREEKS can truly pleasure a white blonde blve eyed gurl, bl*ckkks are too soy and too huwhite in comparison

This particular picture invites this kind of thoughts you can’t help


>I'd rather see her ravaged by my BIG STRONG TANNED ROMAN MED BVLL COCK
audibly kek'd

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But you are not white so op applies to you as well