What makes your city depressing?

What makes your city depressing?

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the economic decline made some neighborhoods really dystopian and depressive looking (in a good way)

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Unironically thought that was Belgrade for a second.


Set of mind

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The red Ministry of health closing orders in the right give it a nice touch

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because of the architecture? modernism and eficientism was booming here during the 60's

>because of the architecture?
Yes. Post more streets for comparison.

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the fact that a fourth of the inhabitants are actually tourists
kindly fuck off please

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Some gypsies robbed me of 15 euros in Florence. I'm sure as hell never coming again.

okrechimo beosmrad

We have areas like these, I live in one

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I have been screen-printing some streets for another thread, i will dump some of it there

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abandonated police station

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former glorious south american hell-hole

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Based. When I was there with my friends, our driver disregarded all rules and streets closed to traffic. He drove right behind the uffici and all the artists had to clear path for us.
Please rate this tourist experience.

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All the nogs and pakis everywhere

I don't think it is depressive. Rate and subscribe.

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Same exact dystopian vibe as Belgrade. The only difference is that your buildings are taller

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it's (re)designed for cars, not for human beings

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is the capital of argent*na

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Lmao, not any different from soviet era commie neighbourhoods all over exUSSR, except everything is clean.

belgrade looks a lot cleaner, i think post-dictatoships manage to get this dystopian look, even the capitalistic regime ones like the brazilian one got some charm

>except everything is clean.

that changes a lot desu

>belgrade looks a lot cleaner
Sounds weird but I agree.

Literally got shot up.

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oh man, i wonder what caused you to build all those modern buildings? Did something happen to your old town?

sad how this used to be one of the most modern cities in the northeast

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So basically brazillian rustbelt


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i am not aware of this german city, but i will have a look

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Mine was designed for third worlders but happens to be in Europe

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looks south american, or at least iberian

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rustbelt is the poorfag in the US including places like Detroit

Is this a chinatown? I thought you hadn't those in France.

oh, i am aware of Detroit problem, sorry i thought it was somewhere in germany

My own failure

The commie blocks and depressed Russians

the people

Climate and wide open spaces between houses

It's Brazil lite in terms of racial make up and wealth inequalties, it has a terrible continent wide rep for crime but it's exagerrated as fuck, you won't get shot unless you start dealing drugs or something
Not really a chink shop just happen to here, Marseille is a med/nafri/black city with a few viets/chinks, Paris and its region is filled with giant chinatowns tho

there's not a lot of sun in moscow but i still like the city

>you won't get shot unless you start dealing drugs or something
biggest reason people get shoot here too, this or saying to an armed thug who is trying to steal your stuff to fuck off

- economic decline
- mismanagement of the urban environment
- neglect, destruction of the historical sites
- crime and violence rising, main street isn't safe anymore
- very high humidity
- dystopian atmosphere

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