Don't call us 'Yellow' people

Don't call us 'Yellow' people.
We are pure pale white.
Do you understand? Pink-people.

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but jomon is brown


this thread is one of the reasons why japanese posters are shit

Japanese posters best posters.
I always wondered why people say Asians are yellow. Only Vietnamese are dirt color.

Is this true?

I've seen Jap exchange students here, you guys are definitely yellow/brown. Why are Koreans/Japs ashamed to be yellow? Meanwhile Chinks are not ashamed of their skin colour at all

There's plenty of asian students at my university that are whiter than most white people, it really varies by individual.

You're blind m8, even the lightskin ones have a visible yellowish tone. They would be considered white in america if what you said was true

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I didn't mean that they're literally the color white, I just meant that some of them are whiter than the average white person, who usually have more of a pinkish hue. No one has literally white skin.

My boy you are yellow like the simspons

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Or Simpsons rather


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stfu you gook nigger.

Actually my skin is pink, but that doesn't really address my point. Most white people have a pinkish skin color, it's not really something to be ashamed of like you're making it out to be.


>Most white people have a pinkish skin color

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give me chocorate

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You're ashamed to be brown we get it

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You're not white that's literally a pale yellow with exposure turned up so it'll look white

Its ok to have pink skin. Honestly I think the whole tanning craze in the west is just a passing fad. Maybe someday we'll move on as a society and you won't feel the pressure to deny that we have pink skin.

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I'm not an anglo m8 my skin ain't pink