>Hiroyuki, the owner of Jow Forums suggested Japanese congressman going and living in Takeshima which is under effective control of South Korea
>the congressman requested Hiroyuki 300M yen as expense


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竹島がどーのとか韓国とか他の話題はねーのかよ? 日本韓国スレ作って何人外人集まった?

When will Hiro be blacked?

who and who, what, where?

broken English だけど英訳しといたw

[ the supplementary explanation ]
Hiroyuki wrote his thought to Mr. Maruyama who is a conservative politician in Japan on Twitter
(Mr. Maruyama often say about that Japan has to get back Japanese islands which are occupied illegally)

>in the case of an effective control of lands are occupied illegally has been done for several decade years, there are possibly to be approved rights of territories of countries who occupy there now.
>if the person who were like you live Takeshima, it is possible to be approved the rights of territories of Japan.
>if you need, I'll donate money to you

Mr. Maruyama replied to Hiro's proposal

>Thank you, Hiroyuki-san
>Anyhow, it's necessary 300 million yen to investigate Takeshima
>If I could get it, I'll start to do it right now

Why japanese are fond of using inside joke others are not privy to? Give me the creeps

So, money from ads I see on 4channel are going for Japanese Imperialism?
Fuck this site, fuck hiro.

Kurils next, Ivan

Gib back Kuril Islands whitetoid

>money from ads I see on 4channel
the only he money he makes is from selling your data

you can post on korean board :)))

>One moment babe, let me just buy a Jow Forums pass to fund Abe-sama's New Japanese Empire.
滅私奉公。 一億玉砕。 天皇陛下万歳。

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>300M yen as expense
how much is that? 5 euros?

He looks like Tojo with hair

>300 million yen
about 2,500,000 EUR
about 2,800,000 $

Hiroyuki is living in Paris. He spends Japanese money on French fags. He's a traitor.

Here we go again

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Amerimutt tier post.

Based. Japan is Russian clay.

who's gonna buy this place now?